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Bec Hewitt's daughter Mia tells mum: 'It's my turn to be a star!'

The teenager has drive and talent inherited from her famous parents.

By Woman's Day team
For years, Mia Hewitt has captured the hearts of Australia as the firstborn child of golden couple Bec and Lleyton Hewitt – ever since they first showed her off in the pages of local magazines (including Woman's Day!).
Now she's growing into a driven young woman, looking stunning in the Instagram pictures her parents shared last week for her 15th birthday.
We've learned that Mia, whose mum has been dressing her in designer duds by Christian Dior ever since they went on a mother-daughter trip to Paris Fashion Week in 2018, has informed Bec, 37, and Lleyton, 39, that she no longer wants to just be the daughter of a tennis ace and much-loved TV icon – she wants to be a star in her own right.
Sources tell Woman's Day the "clever, driven and stylish" teen, who has dabbled in modelling, also wants to be an actress.
"She's told Bec she'd love a gig on Home And Away, just like her mum had at around her age." (Images: Instagram)
"Mia's at that age where she's determined to have it all," says a source.
"She's told Bec she'd love a gig on Home And Away, just like her mum had at around her age. But she says that's just to pay the bills before she breaks into modelling big-time."
"Mia's five-year plan is to move to either New York or Paris and make a name for herself – and her parents do support her dreams, though of course it must be a bit of a worry to have your daughter living so far away."
Proud mum Bec says Mia is her style icon. (Image: Instagram)
The insider adds, "Despite her young years, Mia's a very worldly young woman, since Bec and Lleyton have travelled the globe with her by their side for his tennis career."
"Thanks to the French and US Opens he's played in on countless occasions since she was born, New York and Paris wouldn't be brand new to Mia."
"Bec loves being a stage mum – 10-year-old Ava is a dancer – so she'd be spending a lot of time abroad with the girls while Lleyton concentrates on his 11-year-old son Cruz's tennis career."
Bec at the peak of her soapie career. (Image: Getty)

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