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Winners and Losers star Melanie Vallejo welcomes her second child with husband Matt Kingston

Congrats guys!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Aussie actor Melanie Vallejo, famous for her roles as the Blue Mystic Ranger in Power Rangers and as Sophie Wong on Winners and Losers, has given birth to her second child, an adorable baby girl.
The 39-year-old waited a few weeks following the birth of her daughter to publicly announce the news, deciding to share her very important life update on Instagram last night.
In the gorgeous post, Melanie also shared her daughter's beautiful name.
"Luna Grace Kingston rocketed into the world on the morning of the 12th... I've spent the last couple of weeks hibernating indoors, getting to know my precious daughter," Melanie wrote.
"Luna so far: eats like her mum (always ravenous), likes to bite (my poor nipples 😬) loves to sleep and poops like a trooper 👍🏼💩 And although Sonny [Melanie's son] undoubtedly loves his little sister he's decided she's 'a bit too noisy I think' 💕".
Melanie shared this cute snap on her Instagram account. Instagram
Luna and Kingston sharing a sweet sibling moment. Instagram
Luna is Melanie's second child with husband Matt Kingston. In 2016, they welcomed their first child, a boy named Sonny.
Throughout her pregnancy with Luna, Melanie kept her 62,000 followers updated with how she was feeling and shared photos of her gorgeous baby bump.
"Almost cooked #39weeks," she captioned this image below of her beautiful pregnant belly.
Bump-ing along nicely! Instagram
Melanie and her husband Adam pictured at an event in Melbourne in 2015. Getty
But despite deciding to tie the knot, Melanie has previously admitted that getting married was never "the dream".
"It just kind of happened,'' she told the Herald Sun in 2014.
"It was a great party. But yeah, it doesn't really change anything, does it? Not these days, anyway.
"Now, he'll be like, 'Good wife-ing, honey'. And he does good husband-ing, as well. It's tongue in cheek.''
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As for their decision to have children, Melanie says that was equally organic.
"I don't think I ever had a proper conversation with Matt, I think we both just knew enough of each other to know we both wanted kids," she said.
"We didn't ever have to sit down and go, 'How many kids would you like?' But yeah, I think that's on the cards, I guess. I've always imagined kids, and being a mum."