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Inside The Real Dirty Dancing star Firass Dirani's love life

Meet two leading women who have been linked to the sexy star.

By Rebecca Sullivan
If you haven't yet acquainted yourself with the gorgeous Aussie actor Firass Dirani, allow us to introduce you.
The 35-year-old former Cleo Bachelor of the Year is one of the stars on Channel Seven's hot new show The Real Dirty Dancing, but Firass also has an impressive list of acting credits to his name, with critically acclaimed lead performances in Underbelly: The Golden Mile and House Husbands.
But it's his star turn on Channel Seven's dancing show, where an impressive cast of high profile Aussies travel to the US to learn the famous dances behind the hit 1978 film Dirty Dancing, that has some thirsty Aussie TV viewers feeling a little hot under the collar.
And really, you can't blame them. The guy is gorgeous.
Um, hello. Instagram
Dead. Instagram
Born in Sydney and of Lebanese descent, Firass has a chiselled jawline, gorgeous baby blues and killer abs (just wait until you see the photos we've unearthed), that have fans frothing at the mouth and madly Googling to find out if he is single.
Well ladies, it looks like you're in luck.
According to Firass' Instagram account, there is no long-term girlfriend or wife in the picture at the moment, but he could be keeping a hot new romance under the radar.
What about his previous partners? Keep scrolling to meet the two gorgeous high profile Aussie women Firass has previously been linked to.
Dead again. Instagram
Don't bother calling the ambulance. We've already died and gone to heaven. Instagram
Back in the early 2000s, before Firass was winning Logie Awards for his leading man roles, he was just a humble Aussie actor trying to make it big on TV.
He played the red Power Ranger in the Aussie kids show Power Rangers Mystic Force, and it's here that he met his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Vallejo.
Melanie played the role of Madison, the shy blue Power Ranger. The pair were romantically linked when the show aired in 2006, though they have remained exceptionally private about their relationship.
The baby-faced cast of the original Power Rangers series, which aired in 2006. Melanie is pictured second from the right. Supplied
Now Melanie, who has gone on to star in Aussie dramas including Packed to the Rafters and Winners and Losers, is married to Kiwi advertising planner Matt Kingston, and the couple have an adorable son, Kingston.
Melanie (right) with her husband Matt and their son Sonny. Instagram
The other gal Firass has been romantically linked to is fashion designer Camilla Franks, the woman behind her eponymous kaftan label, Camilla.
The pair reportedly enjoyed a hot little fling around 2015, with both Firass and Camilla sharing several loved-up snaps of each other on their Instagram accounts.
Camilla and Firass sharing a sweet moment together. Instagram
In 2015, Firass revealed the pair have been friends for years and met at acting school.
And he revealed they "may or may have not [kissed at midnight]" during a New Years Eve party, while still oddly insisting they were "just friends".
"It was just friends and we went to a party together and that was it," he told the Daily Mail.
"We're just good friends and had a really good New Years."
WATCH BELOW: See the famous lift scene in Dirty Dancing. Story continues after video.
Well, if that's the case, here is a link to his Instagram account - and his DMs are open. Happy stalking, ladies.