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"I was so determined to breastfeed:" Candid Lauren Brant reveals painful breastfeeding struggles

And hints it's time to try for a baby brother or sister for Miller.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Lauren Brant and Barry Hall's baby boy Miller has just turned one, which has inspired the first-time mum to reflect on her journey so far with her darling son. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday night, the former Hi-5 entertainer wrote candidly about her experience as a breastfeeding mother, which at first, was traumatic and painful as the 29-year-old reveals she had mastitis five times.
"I was so determined to breastfeed my baby. It was something I had always wanted to do. Within 2 minutes of Miller being born, we managed a solid latch. However, in the next 3 months after that, I struggled. I got mastitis 5 times," Lauren begins her heart-felt post.

Lauren said each time she had mastitis, she would tell herself if it happened again, she would stop. However each time she grew more determined to make breastfeeding her child work.
"With the determination to breastfeed and all the help and remedies I got from so many mamas, I continued. After the 5th time, my body just kinda worked it out and I absolutely LOVED breastfeeding," she says.
"It is such a special time for Miller and I, those gorgeous little lips and blue eyes staring up at me makes such a beautiful bond."
As well as building a special bond with her gorgeous bub, Lauren listed the many benefits of breastfeeding for her including being able to calm Miller when he's upset, nourish him when he's hungry, ease him when they travel, as well as "eat whatever I want without putting on weight."
He's growing so fast! Baby Miller is now 13 months old.
But the mum-of-one admits, somewhat with a heavy heart, that now at 13 months old Miller is just down to one breastfeed a day, which she says she knows will be phased out soon.
"The thought of loosing this connection has brought me to tears tonight," she pens.
"It's all I know with my baby, I've done it every day for 13 months. I'm really finding it hard to accept that my baby is now a toddler and I'm already wishing I had more days with him as a baby."
"I'm really finding it hard to accept that my baby is now a toddler," Lauren writes candidly of her experience as a mother.
Although sadden by the thought of eventually giving up breastfeeding, Lauren says she adores seeing her little boy grow and is excited about what the future hold for him.
"I absolutely LOVE everything about creating life. From the pregnancy to birth and motherhood!" she says.
Lauren also hinted she's ready to start trying for baby number two..."It may be time to try for a brother or sister soon."

Lauren and Barry, 40, welcomed baby Miller in May 2017. Every since his arrival the first-time mum and her AFL legend beau have openly shared their experiences as parents on social.
Previously Lauren revealed the not-so-glamorous parts of being a new mum.
"I love Miller with all my heart and I love being a mother, HIS mother!" she said. "But today.... I realised that I have not been kind enough to myself and this is a HUGE problem because when I get run down, agitated or sad, I'm a lesser mum."
She then went to detail Miller's lack of sleep and how it is depleting her of energy.
"He is constantly trying to get close to me, hold my face, feel my skin against his and get comfort from breastfeeding."
"I love that he loves me that much, but I feel drained and so damn exhausted."
"I really need to find balance again, cause today- I admit I am just not coping."
Both Lauren and Barry's social media following is extremely supportive of their journey and candid admissions and quite frankly, it's refreshing to hear their parenting truths.