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Hamish Blake can't wait for Baby Number 2 to arrive, and the reason why will MELT you

And to be honest, we might be just as excited as he is...

By Carrissa Lawrie
The countdown is on to meet Hamish Blake and wife Zoë Foster-Blake’s impending arrival, with not long to go until we meet Australia’s most hilarious couple’s newest addition.
In just a few months’ time, three-year-old Sonny will have a little sibling to play with and no-one could be more excited than his doting dad.
“I’m just looking forward to falling in love,” radio funnyman Hamish said in a recent interview with 60 Minutes.

As for returning to a routine where sleep takes a backseat, Andy says his mate won’t have any problem with that.
“He’s pretty good. We’ve had plenty of instances in the past where we’ve functioned on little sleep – we get together and you just energise each other,” Andy explains to OK!.

As for feeling better prepared the second time around, Hamish says he’s not, err, kidding himself.
“[I’m] less scared of the imaginary stuff and more scared of the real stuff,” he jokes.

And Hamish says if the new addition to the family is anything like his “favourite man of all time” (AKA Sonny) then he’ll be “rapt”.
As for whether Hamish’s right-hand man Andy will be able to offer some relief when the new bub arrives, Andy says he’s already booked out!

“Unfortunately, for Hamish that is, my sister locked me away for all babysitting duties, so little George [Andy’s nephew] gets preference,” says Andy of how he gets off scot-free from looking after Hamish’s offspring.
In fact, Uncle Andy is so infatuated with his sister’s son that he even published a children’s book in his honour.
See the moment (almost!) unfold in the video below - too cute!

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