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Zoe Foster Blake opens up about what’s made her second pregnancy better than the first

“You’re better at it round two. You know stuff. You don’t panic about every weird twinge…”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Zoe Foster Blake - aka Superwoman - has taken to the interwebs to share a novel-length article on surviving second pregnancies. More specifically, she’s explaining how to cope with pelvic pain in pregnancy.
The beauty guru, who is currently expecting her second child with media personality Hamish Blake, developed an inflammation called Ostetis Pubis while carrying her first child in 2013-14.
“I had no idea pelvic stuff was even A Thing! I assumed pregnancy was all cute dresses and insufferable bump-caressing. People warn you about flatulence and swollen ankles, but no one tells you pelvic pain is A Thing. GUYS: IT’S A THING,” she writes on her website.
She adds: “And this is what really grinds my gears: pelvic pain is possible, even probable when you’re pregnant, but it is totally manageable with professional treatment and the right exercises. Yet so many pregnant women don’t seem to know this.
Armed with the knowledge gained from her first pregnancy and a whole lot of research, the Wrong Girl author goes on to outline a series of tips and tricks for combating pelvic pain during (and directly after) pregnancy.

The 36-year-old suggests picking up pilates to help strengthen your core, maintain good posture and avoid coning -- but above all else, she recommends listening to your body, telling her fans, “If it doesn’t feel good, DON’T DO IT!”
She also advises finding an osteopath that “understands the pregnant body” as well as incorporating magnesium supplements into your everyday routine.
“I take magnesium powder every day, and have a magnesium spray I use at night on sore bits, and go through a tonne of Epsom Salts. Magnesium is the preggos’ best friend,” she writes.

And while she admits her struggle with pubic pain hasn’t simply disappeared the second time around, Zoe explains that she feels “in control.”
“I was shitting myself about this pregnancy, but it’s been good. I feel in control, and strong, I’m not just ‘sucking it up’, and I have people now if I need help. One thing I learned about chronic pain is that a lot of it is mental. Re-adjusting my attitude was imperative,” she writes.
“Strengthen and equally indulge your magical baby-creating machine. Make people be your slaves because by law they can’t argue with your bulbous tyranny.”
“And if there’s a choice between eggs and pancakes, eat the pancakes. Always eat the goddamn pancakes.”

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