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6 things we learnt from Hamish and Andy’s 60 Minutes special

If you missed it, you missed out BIG TIME.

By Katie Skelly
We discovered A LOT when comedy duo Hamish and Andy sat down for a tell-all chat with 60 Minutes to celebrate 15 years of side-splitting bits.
With their other/better halves, Zoe Foster Blake and Rebecca Harding, by their sides, Australia got to hear the untold stories about the famed pair and the lives they live off-camera.
From Hamish’s confession about fatherhood, to Andy’s near-death experience, below, we’ve rounded up six moments from the interview that made us catch feelings.

Hamish Blake is the cutest dad ever

We’re not really that surprised about this one if we’re honest, but these quotes about son Sonny Blake were too cute not to share.
“Before Sonny came along I was probably – like a lot of first-time parents – selfishly worried about parts of life you give up but it just pales.
“When sonny arrived I just thought, ‘If I’m a dad, and that’s all I do for the rest of my life, I’ll be wrapped.”
And he expects baby number two will be no different, adding: “I’m just looking forward to falling in love.”

Andy doesn’t make the best first impression…

Speaking of the moment she met the comedian, Rebecca Harding revealed it wasn’t quite love at first sight.
“He hadn't had a girlfriend in a while, he was CLEO Bachelor of the Year, I thought he was a bit of a sleazebag, maybe.”
Luckily, Andy managed to turn things around, and with the help of his charm, was soon able to change the brunette babe’s mind.
“He's a bit sweeter than I actually was picturing. He's a really sweet, kind, generous person,” she confessed before Andy interjected, “That's not helping the brand, I'm a tough guy.”
The pair split briefly in 2016.

Hamish and Zoe really are the perfect couple

While it’s certainly not new information, the way Zoe talked about her husband and father of her two children reminded us to settle for nothing less than the perfect man.
“He's my muse. He's my business adviser, he's my creative support sounding board,” she gushed while Aussies everywhere let out a sigh of envy.
“He’s a beautiful dad and husband, he’s my best friend… and I probably don’t say it to [him] enough, but I say it to everyone else.”

Andy almost died as a baby

They’ve willingly embarked upon a myriad of dangerous endeavours over the years, but Andy’s closest brush with death came at a very young age.
“He had epiglottitis,” dad Michael revealed last night of the condition in which the tissue protecting the windpipe becomes inflamed, blocking airflow to the lungs.
“I did all the wrong things. I tried to lie him down and took him to the doctor, and he said, ‘take him straight into the Royal Children’s (Hospital)’,” mum Margaret went on.
Michael added: “When we got there, they took him away straight away and had tubes down his throat.” Margaret said they were told another hour and “we would have lost him”.
They've sure come a long way!

Hamish and Andy wish they met earlier

While they’ve managed to grow an iconic brand since meeting as Melbourne university students, both sides of the comedy duo admit they would have loved to begin their banter in their childhoods.
“It would have been great for us to meet earlier, when we were 11 years old in the Scouts and in the choir… and just been the cool dudes” Hamish pondered with Andy adding sarcastically: “The coolest guys.”
WATCH: Hamish and Andy create a fantasy hotline for parents in the video player below. Article continues...

Sonny Blake is everything we want to be and more

Honestly, this kid is Australia’s best asset. He’s adorable, well-dressed and mischievous in the absolute best way possible, as he proved when he hijacked his mum and dad’s interview with the words, "I'm gonna come have a sit".
Presumably done with sitting quietly on the sidelines, the three-year-old took matters into his own hands. Climbing onto the couch to sit between his parents, he stared interviewer Liz Hayes in the eyes and said, "Thanks for joining me, Liz."
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