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Next gen besties! All the times Fifi Box and Carrie Bickmore's gorgeous daughters hung out

Two generations of supportive female friendships!

By Faye Couros
In a world that still likes to pit famous women against each other, TV and radio personalities Carrie Bickmore and Fifi Box have proven that their unbreakable friendship is genuinely one of the biggest gifts to come from their lives in the spotlight.
Over the years, we have been happy to find out that their adorable daughters have inherited Carrie and Fifi's impenetrable bond.
The girls have grown up beside each other since birth, and they have now shared so many bonding moments that there is no doubt they are starting to feel like extended family.
Carrie and Fifi have been close for years. Instagram
The nation's most adored media personalities have set the tone for their daughters by always supporting each other.
On Carrie's 40th birthday last year, Fifi's kind words in tribute to her pal showed fans just how much their friendship runs deep.
"You have achieved so much because your tireless dedication and talent is boundless, I can't wait to see what you achieve in the next 40," Fifi penned at the time.
"You are a round-the-clock, always there, ride-or-die sister and here's to another decade of laughs and love my beautiful friend!! 😘😘😘," penned Fifi.
Both women work on The Project together, with Carrie serving as full-time host with her co-star's Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Lisa Wilkinson, while Fifi is a much-loved regular guest host.
Between them, the pair have four daughters. Instagram
They also have their own radio shows with Fifi starring in the Fifi, Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody Breakfast Show on Fox FM, and Carrie hosting alongside comedian Tommy Little on the Carrie and Tommy Show.
Their complimentary careers have taken on a more substantial meaning after they both welcomed their daughters around the same time, and watching their girls together has only strengthened their bond.
Fifi's daughters Trixie Belle, seven, and Daisy Belle, one, and Carrie's daughters Evie, five and Adelaide, two, have struck friendships as endearing as their famous mothers, and they often enjoy playdates together.
Every time the girls get together, whether it's time playing at each other's house, going to shows or enjoying the playground, it seems like they are having a blast.
Most recently, the girl gang got together to hang out all together.
In a series of images posted to Instagram, Trixie and Evie can be seen embracing each other with megawatt smiles on their faces.
While the younger girls, Daisy and Adelaide, were captured inside, looking doe-eyed at the camera as they play with their teddy bears.
Trixie and Evie playing in the autumn leaves. Instagram
Daisy Belle and Adelaide are SO cute together. Instagram
In March, Carrie and Fifi treated their daughter's Evie and Trixie to a very special playdate at Frozen the musical.
The girls looked ecstatic in their princess inspired frocks pictures in the photo album posted to Instagram.
Fifi Box captioned the photo series, "Well I didn't think it was possible but @frozenthemusicalau was EVEN BETTER than I imagined! ❄️.
"💕 outstanding production 👏👏 Great friend date @bickmorecarrie ❄️💕❄️ and ofcourse you too @chriswalkertv 😂."

Last year, as the families prepared for the impending Christmas madness,, the girls snuck in a fun ice cream playdate.
All the girls were together, with the younger ones in prams, and they looked very chuffed with their sweet Sunday treat.
Trixie and Daisy enjoying ice cream. Instagram
Trixie and Evie were extra adorable in their twinning looks!
The besties were both wearing navy unicorn T-shirts with drawstring shorts, and their hair pulled back into a low ponytail.
Everyone knows that sharing wardrobes with your best friend means you're a pair of ride or dies.
We love their matching outfits! Instagram
In March 2020, the girls got together for some baking and lighthearted fun.
Carrie alluded in her Instagram caption that the mums were a little suspicious about what shenanigans their daughters were getting up to.
"These two are always up to something.. @fifi_box 💕," wrote Carrie.
we wonder what delicious concoction they cooked up. Instagram
In the post, Trixie and Evie laugh in the kitchen as they bake something sweet, while Adelaide and Daisy look coy as they get up to their own plans.
Nothing to see here... Instagram
It has been so lovely witnessing Carrie and Fifi's families expand over the years, and now that we get to watch their daughters grow up together, it's the perfect example of history repeating itself for the better.
Here is to more Bickmore-Box play dates!

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