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Heartmelt warning: Carrie Bickmore and Fifi Box just shared the cutest kiddie playdate moment with their toddler daughters

Little boost to your morning.

By Jess Pullar
Carrie Bickmore and Fifi Box have more in common than just being successful Aussie showbiz personalities.
Both Fifi and Carrie both have toddler daughters, with Carrie's little Adelaide now two years old, and Fifi's Daisy turning two in July.
And already, the pair are becoming good friends - just like their mums. Well, for the most part at least.
On Monday, Fifi shared an adorable video to her Instagram account showing little Daisy pining for Adelaide's attention by chasing her around the room.
Adelaide on the other hand looks rather unenthusiastic and has her mind firmly on other things.

Fifi's video quickly racked up the likes, with hundreds of commenters also sharing how cute (and at times, relatable) the video was.
Even Carrie herself commented "just like you and me" with cry laughing emojis.
Another added: "Aw bless. Toddlers are not real big on personal space!"
Carrie and Fifi are longtime friends. (Instagram)
Fifi and Carrie's friendship is undeniable as they raise their girls together. Carrie also has one older girl, Evie Walker and a 13-year-old son Oliver Lange, whom she shared with her late husband, Greg Lange.
Over the weekend, Carrie and Fifi had another cute play date with their little ones by going to watch Frozen the musical - this time, they took their two elder girls Evie, six, and Fifi's seven-year-old daughter, Trixie.
Carrie and Fifi took their daughters to Frozen The Musical over the weekend. (Instagram)
Both Carrie and Fifi are candid and realistic with their parenting anecdotes shared on social media - a refreshing break from an at-times, all too curated newsfeed.
That's why Fifi's new video with Addie and Daisy was enough for us to stop, watch, and rewatch again.
Here's hoping for more cute content.

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