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Beau Ryan praises Erin Molan after heroic stance against online troll

The Channel Nine presenter was left feeling "threatened and intimidated".

By Anita Lyons
Over the weekend, former Footy Show host Erin Molan revealed a harrowing incident that saw her help convict an online troll who threatened her life and that of her unborn baby.
During her pregnancy with her daughter Eliza, 11 months, the Channel 9 star received a slew of violent messages on Facebook, including one particularly shocking note - a hope that she would miscarry her baby.
"I wish u a f. n still born I wish u a f. n still born I wish u a f. n still born AND U DIE IN THE PROCESS … hip hip hooray hip hip HOORAY" one vile comment read, followed by another: "ya need to be FACE F. D VIOLENTLY [sic]."
At the time of the incident, Erin was 33 weeks pregnant and decided to report the abuse to Chatswood Police Station in Sydney's North Shore, after she began to feel threatened by the perpetrator.
She had previously reported the messages to Facebook, but received an automated response saying that the messages were not deemed "abusive or offensive" enough to remove.
"It got to the stage where the messages became so constant, it was so vile and it was affecting how I lived and how safe I felt," Erin told the Sunday Telegraph.
"I am used to copping nasty comments, I am not a snowflake, I can cop that, but when it gets to the stage when I felt unsafe and I was heavily pregnant, and someone is threatening my life and the life of my child, it's too much," she said.
The abuse began after she became the first female host of the Footy Show and while she was able to block the troll on social media, he kept coming back with new profiles.
According to the publication, after failing to appear in court, the man was arrested and convicted, fined $1000 and given an eight-month suspended sentence.
Channel 9 star Erin Molan helped to convict an online troll after he threatened her life. (Source: Getty Images)
"People need to know they are ­accountable for their actions online," she told the Daily Telegraph.
"That's not people who write nasty things … but it's people who threaten, intimidate and cross the line and need to know they are accountable.
"If every person thinks twice: 'I might be held accountable. I might be convicted. I might have to go to court if I threaten or intimidate someone,' then I think that's a great thing for society. No one should live in fear because of someone else's actions."
Beau Ryan and Erin Molan pose together at an event for Channel 9. (Source: Getty Images)
Former co-host and friend Beau Ryan took to Instagram on Sunday to praise Erin for her bravery during the process.
"Bravo @erin_molan we are so proud of you. This has to stop. Imagine if this abuse was directed at your Wife, Sister, Mother or Daughter???? It's disgusting."
"Let me get this straight," he continued. "I think social media can be great. I'm all for social media being used to give people a platform to share their views and opinions. That's a positive. But there is a dark side. When people decide to violently abuse people or threaten them you should be held accountable.
"Bravo Erin for coming forward. I remember talking to you the day the Footy Show got canned and I put a photo up of us 4 (The 4 hosts) and I had to spend the next 3 hours deleting comments. The abuse you have copped is disgusting. But you have still shown up to work for the last 12 months and done a tremendous job."
The 33-year-old then went on to say that there "aren't too many nicer, more genuine, caring people out there [sic]."
"I'm proud of you, I admire you, and hopefully this makes people think twice before trolling people online. The effects can be devastating. 💙💙"
Beau Ryan's photograph with his former co-stars Paul Vautin, Erin Molan and Darryl Brohman. (Source: Instagram/therealbeauryan)
Back in 2015, Erin revealed in an interview with news.com.au that she had received painful abuse, unfair jibes and disgusting sexism as a woman in man's world.
"When I started I got a lot of 'You should be in the kitchen', and those were the nice ones," she revealed, before adding, "I've copped some nasty tweets and comments. You always see them, but I'm much better at dealing with them now.
"You've got to have a good support network and be in a good place. If I'm feeling tired and vulnerable, it will affect me more."
And with tweets labelling her a "Filthy b**" and plenty of other unspeakably offensive words, you can't blame her for taking them to heart from time-to-time.
"I've felt horrendous at times, reading tweets. I'm not immune. I've learned to be resilient and strong," she told the website.
But the host decided to look at it positively.
"If you're going to get worried about that, you're in the wrong job," she said.
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