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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Bindi Irwin's lavish $90K baby shower

Terri is sparing no expense for her only daughter and future grandchild.

By Woman's Day team
Just weeks after Woman's Day revealed Bindi Irwin and her mum Terri Irwin were butting heads over how to best raise Bindi's baby girl, the Australia Zoo matriarch is said to be planning a baby shower for her only daughter 
– and it's going to be big!
Irwin insiders insist the move is a peace offering from Terri, in a bid to ease tensions with her daughter and her son-in-law Chandler Powell.
"Terri has already started planning a massive baby shower and is sparing no expense," reveals the insider, adding that the party is going to set her back a whopping $90,000.
"Sure, they've gone through hard times at the zoo, but Terri's digging deep into her personal savings to give Bindi and Chandler the best celebration ever, with live music, games and flower displays. And she's planning something big in the way of a special surprise guest."
Terri, 56, knows her late husband Steve Irwin would have done the same.
"From the moment Bindi was born, she was the light of Steve's life," shares the insider.
The Irwin matriarch hopes a big party will ease the tension with Bindi and Chandler. (Images: Instagram)
"Terri is certain Steve would want his little girl to have everything and more on such a special day."
The celebration will certainly be welcomed by Bindi, 22, who was forced to downgrade her plans for a lavish wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions in March.
While Terri is busy planning the festivities for Bindi, the young conservationist is said to be spending her time keeping a diary filled with updates on her pregnancy.
"Bindi's been writing about the safari-themed nursery that she and Chandler are working on. It's full of wildlife decor, like elephant and monkey wall art and giraffe print cot sheets, so the baby will feel looked after by their animal family," our source explains.
The wildlife warrior is planning an animal-themed nursery for her daughter. (Image: Instagram)
The Wildlife Warrior has also been using her diary to keep track of her cravings, especially the crazy ones!
"Bindi's been eating lots of jalapenos, pickles and dried mangoes dipped in peanut butter, and Chandler's been very sweet, bringing her ice-cream late at night," shares the insider, noting that the 23-year-old Florida native "feels like it's his job to make sure Bindi has everything she needs".
"Terri is certain Steve would want his little girl to have everything and more on such a special day." (Image: Instagram)

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