EXCLUSIVE: Sally Obemeder shares the best advice she received as a school mum

It's a game-changer.

By Rebel Wylie
As the year draws to a close, Sally Obemeder is looking forward to the school holidays and the relief it brings from the lunch boxes and uniforms and notes and excursions and calendar reminders and … well, the list goes on.
"These end of year holidays are always a welcome relief," laughs The Daily Edition host. "Term three holidays come around and I'm always a bit 'What? Again, we just had holidays, didn't we?', but now I have that end-of-year fatigue and I'm really looking forward to the break."
Sally with her daughters, Annabelle Grace, 7 and Elyssa Rose, 2. Image: Instagram/SallyObemeder
The mum-of-two has a couple of years of school-mumming under her belt now – daughter Annabelle Grace, 7 is just wrapping up her second year of primary school – and as a freshly minted 'school expert' Sally Obemeder took some time out of her busy day to speak with Now to Love about what she's learned along the way and how she's managing the juggle.
"There really is so much to manage," says Sally. "I have this system when the notes come home, I pop the information straight onto a wall calendar in the kitchen, and again into my personal paper diary as well as in my email calendar.
"If I don't have reminders everywhere, information just falls through the cracks."
If that happens, Swiish founder Sally relies on the best piece piece of advice she was given as a new school mum – her school squad.
"My girlfriend gave me the best advice when I was starting out," Sally shares. "She told me that it's important for the kids to make friends, but it's also so important for you to make them as well. You have to find your school squad, and they'll be your safety net."
Sally Obemeder shares the best advice she received as a school mum. Image: Supplied.
"When it's 10pm at night you can find out if it really is a mufti-day the next day, or if that project is actually due as soon as your child is saying. Your school-parent friends become a life saver at those times when you have so many balls in the air and you just don't have time to go back over all the notes and find the information you need.
"You can just get that quick yes or no answer and carry on. It's been one of the best things about this whole experience, those friendships that you make with people who are all in the same boat. It's actually vital, I think."

With the school year drawing to a close, Sally is already thinking about the planning for next year as Annabelle enters year two, her third year of primary school. Sally has partnered up with Athlete's Foot to come up with some back-to-school hacks to make her life, and your life, run a lot smoother.
For Sally the partnership was a no-brainer. "I'm all about The Athlete's Foot for school shoes. Obviously, I know we're getting the right fit but also, I've learned $5 from every shoe purchased goes to your school. It's great. I feel like I've already ticked a school fundraising box before term even starts!" she says.
As a working mum-of-two Sally knows organisation is key from the very start so that the overwhelm doesn't get the best of you.
Read Sally's best tips for managing 'back-to-school' after the video …

Sally Obemeder’s best ‘back to school’ advice