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How to keep the kids entertained for hours for less than a $1

This must be one of the cheapest ways to keep the kids entertained and most importantly, educated.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Tired of hearing the dull tones of your child declaring, "I'm bored"? Of course you are, because just as your child has run out of ideas to entertain themselves, you've run out of inexpensive ways to occupy them.
But we've got a solution for you and your child - reading. As if, you say. But, hear us out. A recent study led by educational book publisher Scholastic reported that a whopping 90 per cent of children surveyed said they would read a book that they had chosen themselves. So pack the kids and their pocket money into the car and take them to your nearest ALDI to let them choose their next read from a collection of popular children's books priced a cheap as 99 cents.
As part of its Special Buys on Wednesday, 14 February the supermarket chain will be selling children's classics like Alice in Wonderland, Roald Dahl titles and Dr Seuss favourites, plus some new releases, like the Lego book collection.
A child's book collection isn't complete without this Dr Seuss classic.
Books will be priced as low as just 99 cents with the most expensive big book editions costing a reasonable $9.99.
The bargain book sale comes just after famed author and newly appointed Children's Laureate Morris Gleitzman announced that our children need books now more than ever.
"The big challenge for young people today is to move towards their adulthood in a pretty daunting and unsettling world," he told ABC News Breakfast.
He continued, "[Books] equip young readers to embrace an often dark and uncertain world with optimism, resolve and creativity...Young people need stories more than ever."
This week Gleitzman will be starting the role deigned to champion children's literature.
As part of its Special Buys on Wednesday, 14 February ALDI will be selling children's books.
So champion your child's reading and learning by encouraging them to pick books on their own. You won't have much to lose, perhaps just 99 cents.