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Her little Summer Baby! Ada Nicodemou introduces the world to her beautiful new niece

Just try not to get clucky looking at these photos!

Aside from welcoming your own child, there is nothing more special than when your sibling becomes a parent and you get promoted to the role of uncle or aunt.
Just ask Home And Away star Ada Nicodemou, who is relishing in the joy of welcoming her newest family member - her niece.
In a series of ovary-exploding new photos, the 43-year-old is pictured cuddling the newborn baby girl, whose father is Ada's brother, as she introduces her to her eight-year-old son Johnas.
Ada beams with pride in the touching family album - a look that will resonate with proud aunts and uncles everywhere.
"Our proud new addition to the family, meet my gorgeous and adorable niece Sofia Nicodemou❤️🌹," the actress, who recently announced she'll be reprising her role on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, captioned the snaps.
Fans were quick to flood her post with messages of congratulations.
"Congratulations ur niece is beautiful," one person wrote.
"She's just gorgeous like her auntie," another said.
"Those cheeks," a third mused.
"Our proud new addition to the family, meet my gorgeous and adorable niece Sofia Nicodemou❤️🌹." (Image: Instagram)
Indeed cradling a baby is second nature to the beloved soapie star after she welcomed her first son Johnas in 2012, with her husband at the time, Chrys Xipolitas.
While she does an amazing job juggling motherhood and work, Ada recently opened up to Good Health about the need to shatter this "having it all" fantasy.
Ada has made an effort to keep her Instagram as real and unfiltered as possible.
"I've always got about 10 balls in the air," she said.
"But now I'm learning to let go. Instead of making five appointments in the day, I'll just make one. Or rather than having a picture-perfect showroom home, I'll let the house be messy so I can play with my son."
Proud aunty Ada can't get enough of little Sofia. (Image: Instagram)
Ada has also admitted a key lesson she's learned as a parent is to find that balance between raising a well-rounded human and disciplining her son, but also letting his personality shine.
"I remember there was this moment when we were going down the escalators at our local shopping centre and he was just dancing away to the music, he likes to sing and dance and he's quite loud," Ada told Now To Love in 2019.
"So I said 'Johnas maybe just stop doing that,' and he goes, 'What do you mean Mum, I'm just dancing!' And I'm like yeah just keep dancing, who cares what everyone's thinking? If the kid wants to dance, he can dance!"
Ada's son Johnas meets his new cousin Sofia. (Image: Instagram)