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This massive spider nest is probably the worst thing you've seen today


By Amber Elias
Sorry the be the bearer of bad news, but if you live in Australia, you've got to be prepared for all the wildlife (not everything is a Quokka).
This is probably the most confronting video posted by Auswise Pest Control, and it confirms our legitimate fear of spiders.
After weeks of beautiful weather conditions, it seems that a spider plague may be set to swarm on Australia - and this is exactly what we didn't need.
During a termite inspection in someone's roof (yes, in an Aussie home), owner of Auswise Pest Control, Noel Parminter came across this rarely documented occurrence in nature, and told Buzzfeed that he "had never been able to film an egg sac hatching this way".
The spiders appear to be baby Huntsmans judging by the appearance of the mum watching over her nest. The spiders are moving very, very quickly, and the video seems not to be sped up.
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In cooler weather, spiders often live in your ceiling and high on the walls to stay warm, but to cool down they descend on to your floor and furniture. Although huntsman spiders can give you a fright, their venom is not dangerous to humans, and they can even help keep insects in your home at bay by eating common critters like cockroaches.
Safe to say, we will never be venturing up into our roofs again...