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Meanwhile in Australia... a spider plague is coming

Brace yourself.

By Amber Elias
Although Australia is known for its abundance of creepy crawlies, spiders are a whole other state of affairs, and one that makes us shudder.
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^ Ew.
Warm and wet weather has resulted in the perfect conditions for spiders to come out of their nests to feast on insects and check out your home. Plants and greenery have had a growth spurt thanks to a hot and sunny summer, which means there are more insects and more insects mean more spiders.

“In the past we’ve had early rain and nothing; just really dry summers. But this summer, the rain is allowing the whole system to crank up again,” Queensland Museum’s arachnologist Dr Robert Raven told about the terrifying situation.
Although there aren’t technically more spiders in Australia, you will see more of them out and about. Huntsman spiders are usually the most common to see in houses and buildings, but we are also likely to see more funnel-web spiders, too.
A funnel-web spider
Although huntsman spiders can give you a fright, their venom is not dangerous to humans and they can even help keep insects in your home in check by eating cockroaches. Funnel-web spiders, however, are extremely venomous and can be deadly to humans if you're bitten.
In colder weather, spiders often live in your ceiling and high on the walls to stay warm, but to cool down they descend to your floor and furniture.
Dr Raven advises not to stick your hand down a drain pipe because that’s where many venomous spiders live. Funnel-web spiders love water and can survive submerged for several hours, including at the bottom of the pool.
“You pick up your towel and the next thing you know you have a huntsman on your face,” he said, because huntsman spiders love your bathroom (we are never showering again.)
^ Our nightmare.
Redback spiders are also of particular concern, because they're small but still deliver a venomous bite.
“If you start finding them around the house, one of the things to look for is a web hanging on gutters at downpipes. If it’s there, it means you should probably get professional help to treat the redbacks,” Dr Raven said.
To protect yourself from this plague, lock all doors and windows, take extra precautions if you see a spider, and seek medical assistance of you are bitten.