Real Life

Real life: Our doll is POSSESSED!

When Glen bought Luca the collectable doll, he got much more than he bargained for.

By Lauren Irvine

Glen Reberger,44, shares his true life story:

I moved an antique chair in my kitchen to make way for my newest addition.
I'd bought a life-sized doll called Luca for our family.
He was one of a kind and my wife and kids loved his quirky features.
Over the years I'd collected everything from clocks and furniture to vintage dolls.
A few days after we got Luca, his head had turned sideways.
I straightened it up but over the next few months, I kept finding it turned.
"Have you been playing with Luca?" I asked my daughter Bethany, 15.
She swore she hadn't.
I wondered if something spooky was going on so I set up a camera opposite Luca.
I tried again that night but then the camera broke completely.
I bought a new one but each time I tried to film Luca, it would malfunction.
As soon as I brought Luca home, strange things started to happen.
One morning, I woke to the sound of a loud bang.
Luca had fallen off his chair and smashed his porcelain face.
I glued it back together and fixed the paint.
He was on the table facing sideways as I started blow-drying him from above.
Just then, his head slowly twisted 45 degrees to look me dead in the eye.
I stepped back in fright. Did that really just happen? I couldn't have imagined it.Then, the light bulb above Luca kept blowing.
I replaced it five times before calling an electrician, who insisted there was no wiring issue.
Online, I read about similar incidences with dolls and paranormal activity.
He's just part of the family now.
It was usually caused by a spirit that attached to the object and if I got rid of Luca, it would just latch on to something else.
"Looks like we're stuck with you," I joked to him.
Some mornings I've woken to slap marks across my back in the shape of Luca's hand.
Visitors have reported seeing white orbs in our living room and hearing children's voices in the hallway – all before we even told them about Luca!
A ghost hunter picked up over seven spirits in our home.
We've had Luca for three years and we're so used to the strange activity we don't think twice about it.
He always gave us a good story and now he's just part of the family.
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