Real Life

True Confession: I'm having an affair with my Zumba instructor

I’d never been attracted to women before, but could this stranger save my marriage?

By As told to Take 5

Linda*, 46, Busselton, WA, shares her scandalous true life story;

My hips swayed as I copied the Zumba instructor, Rhonda.
She was dressed head to toe in black active wear and I was in awe of her strong, slender physique.
"Come on, ladies," she called to the class. "You're all strong, fearless queens!"
I felt confident as my body rolled to the music.
"Very sexy moves, Linda!" said Rhonda, winking at me.
I felt my cheeks blush.
Although I was a married woman, there was something about Rhonda that titillated me.
She exuded such sensuality, every time she spoke to me, butterflies fluttered in my stomach.
After the class, 
I couldn't stop thinking about her comment.
No-one had found me sexually alluring in years.
Especially not my husband, Russ, who preferred watching TV to getting down and dirty.
I'd bought lingerie to rile him up, but he didn't even notice.
In an attempt to grab Russ's attention, I'd joined Rhonda's Zumba class to shape up.
I huffed and puffed my way through the first class, but Rhonda's infectious energy helped me and I started going three times a week.
I started going to Zumba three times a week. (Image: Getty Images)
Thinking about Rhonda's comment about me being 
sexy made me so flustered, 
I tripped and fell on my shoulder at the next class.
Afterwards, Rhonda pulled me aside.
"I saw you fell on your shoulder," she chuckled. "Happy to massage it for you 
if you'd like."
"Sure," I replied nervously, as I sat on the small stage.
Rhonda kneeled behind me, massaging my shoulders.
"Feel good?" she asked.
"Mmhmm," I replied.
Then, suddenly, Rhonda was kissing 
my neck!
Sparks surged through me.I turned to face her, my eyes wide in shock.
"I'm sorry!" Rhonda said, horrified. "I thought…"
Without thinking, I kissed her passionately.
Minutes later, I pulled away and bolted.
Although I was a married woman, there was something about Rhonda that titillated me. (Image: Getty Images)
With my pent-up sexual energy flowing, I went straight home and pulled Russ into the bedroom.
"What's got into you?" he chuckled, his eyes wide.
"Nothing," I snapped, pushing him down on the 
That night we had the 
best sex we'd had in years 
as I replayed that kiss with Rhonda in my head.
When I went back to Zumba a few days later, I ended up at her place.
The sex was mind-blowing, and when 
I got home that night, Russ joined me in the shower for a steamy encounter.
Had cheating on my husband with a woman reinvigorated my sex-life?
My affair with Rhonda has been going for almost two months and I know it's wrong, but I can't help but think it's the right thing for my marriage with Russ.
One day I'll stop, but I'm not ready to give up my sexy Zumba workouts just yet.

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