Real Life

True confessions: I slept with my boss' son!

She thinks he's a gentleman but I know better...

By As told to Take 5

Tracy, 38, from Auckland, NZ, shares her saucy true life story;

I smiled and pretended to look interested as my boss droned on.
"I wouldn't be surprised if they got married," she was saying. "Dan has always had his head screwed on right. Maybe when they both finish uni and then…"
My eyes fixed on a spot above her head as I zoned out of what she was saying.
I'd been working for Denise for around three months at an estate agency in a suburb on the other side of town to where I lived.
She was in charge of the lettings division and I worked under her. She was a great boss and we got on well professionally.
But when we weren't out showing units and houses to prospective tenants, we were stuck in a small office together doing admin.
And that's when she took it upon herself to brag to me constantly about her children, golden boy Dan, 19, and his younger sister Stella, 17.
I was 38 and hadn't had kids yet.
In fact, I'd broken up with a long-term boyfriend around a year before.
It was lovely that she was so proud of her kids, but I wished she could tell that I wasn't interested. Especially when it was about her son's love life!
Denise took it upon herself to brag to me constantly about her children. (Image: Getty Images)
Apparently, he had the 'perfect' girlfriend and they were destined for marriage.
Stifling a yawn, I saw her face light up as a drop-dead gorgeous young man entered the office.
"Speak of the devil!" Denise cried, racing over to give him a kiss.
"Hi Mum. You must be Tracy," he said, stretching out his hand for me to shake.
He was tall, broad and had dimples when he smiled.
Good God, he's hot, I thought, my insides melting.
We shook hands and I felt a flash of electricity.
I knew he felt it, too, because he kept looking at me as his mum prattled on about their dinner arrangements.
We shook hands and I felt a flash of electricity. (Image: Getty Images)
Just then a customer walked in and Denise went off to talk to her.
"So what are you up to on the weekend…?" Dan asked me huskily. "Wanna hook up?"
It was so forward, so blatant… so sexy!
"Don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked him. "Your mum says you're practically engaged."
"Shelley's interstate this weekend, and there are things I'd like to do to you…" he whispered, looking me up and down.
Without another thought I gave him my number and we arranged to meet at my unit that Saturday.
For the rest of the week, my mind was in turmoil. He was 19! Half my age! My boss's son!
But he also made my heart race like it hadn't raced in ages. We were both consenting adults; Denise needn't ever know.
He was 19! Half my age! My boss's son! (Image: Getty Images)
That Saturday, I was in a frenzy of worry but when he arrived at my door, all that flew out the window.
We ripped each other's clothes off and had sex right there in my lounge room. It was explosive.
When I saw Denise on Monday, my cheeks flushed when I remembered what I'd done with her son. We'd been filthy!
Dan and I had sex a couple of times after that but it fizzled out.
He was way too young for me and our interests were wildly different. There was no more to us than sex.
Now, whenever Denise drones on about her 'angelic' son, I picture him naked in my front room and smile and nod – because I know otherwise.

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