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Real life: A killer clown was sent to bash me with a bat

I ripped off his mask and couldn't believe what it was hiding.
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Brad, 50, from Newcastle, NSW shares his shocking true life story:

My wife Gail sat on my knee as we both smiled for the camera.

“Ho,ho, ho!” I cried merrily.

It was almost Christmas and I’d once again dressed up as Santa for our local church.

As a volunteer for the Royal Fire Brigade, I enjoyed helping others out whenever I could.

I knew Gail was proud of what I was doing.

We’d been married for 34 years, had four kids and were very much in love.

Life was great, even if my volunteer work meant I had some long days and nights helping fight fires.

One night I came home at 9pm from the fire station.

Plonking myself down on the couch, I looked at Gail, who was sitting dreamily in front of the TV.

Gail looked at me sympathetically.

“Cuppa tea?”

“That’d be great, love,” I replied, finally starting to relax.

I loved helping out the community. (Image via Getty.)

Suddenly, a sharp noise caught my attention.

Someone had opened the back door.

Rising to my feet, I saw Gail at one end of the hallway while a man dressed head to toe in black, face covered in a clown mask, stood before me clutching a baseball bat.

“Who are you? Get out of my house!” I ordered.

Quick as a flash, he disappeared into a bedroom.

“Call the police! I told Gail, but she was frozen with fear.

I yelled at the clown to come out instead of hiding like a coward.

When he reappeared seconds later, he swung the bat at me, belting me first on the side of the head, then on the left arm.

I felt certain I heard my arm bone snap.

A red-hot pain spread through my entire body.

I was terrified he would attack Gail and the kids.

I had to keep him focused on me.

A man in a clown mask busted through our back door. (Image via Getty.)

“Wanna hit me again?” I roared, grabbing him around the neck as he swung the bat.

I knew I had to act quickly.

If he knocked me out, he could kill my family.

I grabbed one end of his weapon.

As he struggled, I used all my strength to lift him up and then slammed him to the ground.

He smashed into a Chinese lamp, covering the floor in a sea of shattered glass.

He sat up, and attempted to get to his feet, so I pushed him back down and tore off his stupid mask.

I saw the angry face of a middle-aged bloke with salt and pepper hair.

I’d never seen him before. I snatched his bat from him and whacked him in the ribs.

“Oh!” he wailed. “Help me- ”

I didn’t make out the name of the person he’d called.

Worried he might have an accomplice, I rushed thrugh the house to check he was alone, while Gail stayed rooted to the spot.

My next-door neighbour, Nye, heard the commotion and came to see what was going on.

He swung the bat at me. (Image via Getty.)

The two of us made out way back to the living room, but the attacker was gone.

Rushing outside we saw a white car charging off.

“Quick, call the cops,” I told Gail, who was behind me.

“No, you call them,” she replied.

The police and ambulance arrived in minutes.

My head felt okay, but my arm was swollen and ached like hell.

After getting a temporary cast put on, I went to the police station with Gail to give our statements.

The whole attack had only lasted minutes, but now I thought back to it, Gail had acted really strangely.

She hadn’t seemed scared, or even concerned for me.

I kept thinking about the attacker calling for help.

Surely he hadn’t yelled Gail’s name… had he?

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