Real Life

She's a trained nurse, a part-time Uber driver and... a female Elvis Presley impersonator: Inside Sheryl Scharkie's unique life

She has her fans all shook up.

As Sheryl Scharkie slips into her rhinestone jumpsuit, she can't help but give a little hip thrust.
She's got plenty to be excited about after all – she's Australia's only female Elvis Presley tribute artist, aka ShElvis.
Sheryl's deep voice – and the twinkle in her eye – mean she can do serious justice 
to the King's songs when she hits the stage.
"At school, the music teacher didn't know what to do with me – a round peg in a square hole because I didn't fit into any category," laughs the 61-year old.
Sheryl, who is a trained nurse and also works as an Uber driver in her spare time, 
is a lifelong Elvis fan.
She first started her side hustle in 2008 when she approached 
a bowling club to "give her a go". The rest, 
as they say, is history.
She now performs regularly 
as her alter ego, and has built up 
a cult following of fans.
Sheryl is Australia's only female Elvis Presley tribute artist (Image: NC Images)
Like all good Aussie Elvis tribute acts, Sheryl has been a regular attendee of the Parkes Elvis Festival in western NSW, Australia's largest and most recognised Elvis event, which is officially endorsed 
by Elvis Presley Enterprises.
When she first attended, the theme was Blue Hawaii, so she wore her blonde hair in a spike crown.
And after buying some beach shirts from Lowes, she started busking along with other Elvis impersonators down the main street of Parkes.
Sheryl has had a dedicated float in the festival's main parade, and when she's 
not in Parkes, she's booked up for months in advance for shows at RSLs and aged 
care facilities.
Viva Parkes! Sheryl is a big hit at Australia's biggest Elvis festival (Image: NC Images)
Today, she's rocking the look of Elvis in his later years. With her dyed black hair, she can style it just like the King's famous quiff.
"I'm not Elvis – I'd flunk the physical," says Sheryl, who jokes that her hips aren't up the King's level of gyration. "I was just born with this particular voice that is suited to his style of singing."
Today, she's happy impersonating the King's look from the '70s.
"My body shape is better suited to that time of his life," she says.
"I'll just leave the rockabilly to the young blokes."
Sheryl is currently selling CD's of her music to raise money for her granddaughter Sierra's medical treatments. To donate to her Gofundme visit here