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Elvis' private plane is up for sale - and YOU can buy it

Complete with red velvet chairs. So plush!

By Amber Elias
You love Elvis Presley, you have been to Graceland and you bought all of his albums (when they were still on vinyl), but now you can actually get a piece of his personal life - in the form of a private plane.
The King knew how to travel in style, and this private plane of his is one of three that he bought and fully kitted out with his own designs.
Newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla Presley board their private jet after their Las Vegas wedding.
The 1962 Lockheed Jetstar was designed by Elvis himself and featured intricate woodwork, red velvet seats and red shag carpet - every part of the '60s you could imagine.
The jet is in original condition, meaning it has been sitting on the tarmac at Roswell, New Mexico for the best part of 30 years.
It is unflyable as the cockpit needs restoring and updating, and most importantly - it doesn't have working engines.
Courtesy of LiveAuctioneers
Elvis purchased this jet specially to share with his beloved father, Vernon Presley, and it has been privately held since his death.
Courtesy of LiveAuctioneers
The winning bidder will have the privilege of restoring a piece of rock and roll history, and will get their hands on the original paperwork, signed by Elvis Presley, detailing his plans for customising the interior - which has not been altered from the original design.
Courtesy of LiveAuctioneers
Courtesy of LiveAuctioneers
If you want to make a bid for this retro private plane the current price is $141,000USD (approx. $188,251) but it is expected to reach closer to $3 million before it is sold on LiveAuctioneers.
Elvis' other two private planes are held in the Elvis Presley Museum in Tennessee, but they don't look like they are hitting the market anytime soon.