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REAL LIFE: Five ladies bare all to show why they love their bums

These ladies aren't afraid to flaunt their figures and show off their best assets - their bums!

By As told to Take 5
The trend for larger, rounder bottoms is on the up.
There are butt-boosting exercise classes and padded leggings to perk up flat posteriors.
But should we all be aspiring to have the same rear ends?
These five women all love their best asset, their bums!
These five women love their bodies!

These five ladies explain how they learned to love their very different backsides.

Kaylie says, "Curvier girls are sexy – and I'm happy to be one of them."
Support worker Kaylie Cooper, 32, lives with husband, Ben, 29, a bricklayer.
She says:
Ben is definitely a bum and legs man and he's married the right woman.
I love my bum and legs the most and although I'm quite slim on top, I like that I have a decent booty.
I feel great when I wear tight-fitting dresses because I have curves and my bum is quite muscly.
I'm on my feet all day which helps keep my booty in shape.
I feel sexy, confident, and I'm happy to show off my backside in a skimpy bikini.
I feel sexy, confident, and I'm happy to show off my backside in a skimpy bikini.
I'd never be frightened to go to a nudist beach because I'm not at all shy of my body.
As a teenager I wasn't as confident.
Growing up in the '90s was all about having big boobs.
I'm a 10B and it's only as I've got older that I've learnt to love my body just the way it is.
If I lose weight, it's never from my bottom and when I put on a few kilos it goes to my thighs and stomach.
No matter what, my bum stays the same.
Curvier girls are the sexiest and I'm happy to be one of them.
Pollyanna says, "I still feel sexy with my boyish bum."
Pollyanna, 34, a personal trainer, lives with husband, James, 39, a property developer, and daughters Aurora, nine, and Bella, six.
She says:
Women don't need to have a big bum or big hips to feel womanly and I'm happy with the way I look.
I have a boyish figure because my bum is small, and although I don't have curvy hips, I feel just as sexy as someone who is shapely.
During my two pregnancies my hips widened, but my bum stayed small both times.
My mum is very petite, too.
I was 24 and four months pregnant with my daughter Aurora when I was in a car accident and broke my femur in three places.
I had nine hours of surgery to repair it and I was left with a lump below my left bum cheek.
The scar doesn't bother me because it could've been far worse.
Having a small backside means I look better in skinny jeans, and short skirts make my legs look longer.
I was 16 when I got a tattoo –an oriental symbol which means desire.
I fudged my birth certificate and changed my age to 18. I don't know how I got away with it.
The tattoo sums up my teenage years which were fun and reckless.
Maria works hard for her assets.
PA Maria Redmond, 43, works out five times a week to keep her bum in shape. The mum of four lives with her husband Derek, 53, a motivational speaker.
She says:
Mine is a curvy bum and I work hard at keeping it that way.
I pole dance, do yoga as well as weights classes, so I put the time in.
I spend around eight hours a week in the gym and I enjoy it.
I'm only 160cm tall and my bum is big for my size.
I have a personal trainer once a week. I'd considered surgery to make my bum pert, but the personal trainer convinced me I could get the same results in the gym.
I've always been curvy but before the training sessions my bum was flat and saggy.
I spend around eight hours a week in the gym and I enjoy it.
Now it's bigger and more lifted.
I feel a lot sexier with a firm, round bum.
I like my hourglass figure and last year I competed in a swimsuit competition.
I was the only woman in her 40s.
It's great to look and feel good but life is too short to get hung up about it.
Women who feel confident in themselves look amazing, regardless of their shape.
Chloe says, "I think it's the best part of me – I'm great at twerking."
Comedian Chloe Driver, 33, was bullied as a child because of her curvy bottom.
She says:
My dad is half-Caribbean and I've inherited a bum that is round and sticks out.
It looks a bit like a shelf, but I love it.
I got the nickname 'Chloe Fat Bum' at school because my skirt rode up at the back.
The other girls said I walked like a duck.
It knocked my confidence, but now I'm older I think it's the best part of me.
I like dancing and I'm great at twerking.
I'm an 18E chest so having a larger bum and a smaller waist means I'm in proportion.
We should all love the bum 
we were born with.
I wear a bikini on holiday and I go topless.
I'm confident to let it all hang out.
I've learnt to love myself – I wouldn't be putting my body on display if I felt uncomfortable.
Men compliment my bum and I wear tight skirts to show it off.
I've never been with a guy who didn't like it and my-ex boyfriend loved me in tight jeans.
We should all love the bum we were born with.
Life would be boring if we all looked the same.
Maritza says, "as I've grown it just got bigger. It's the favourite part of my body."
Maritza Ngumba, 25, works in customer service
She says:
Before I hit puberty my bum was much smaller but now it's bigger I love it just as much.
It has grown naturally and I see it as an asset.
It's my favourite part of my body.
I wouldn't change it.
I'm a typical pear shape with a thin waist, wide hips and a round bottom.
I gained almost 13kg last year and the weight went on my bottom and chest.
I'm as happy being a size 12 as I was a size 8.
My bum is firm and I often get compliments on my figure, especially when I'm wearing a pencil skirt at work.
Round bottoms run in my family and my mum and aunties are all the same shape as me.
It seems everyone is talking about how bigger bottoms and curves are sexy, but there's beauty in every shape and size.
Women are under too much pressure to look a certain way because of social media.
I'd never aspire to look like a celeb because I'm happy the way I am.

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