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14 expert tips to help you break those toxic habits

Spring clean your body and mind with our detox tips.

By Courtney GReatrex
It seems like everything is bad for us these days, from plastics to cleaning products, even fresh produce.
But awareness of what toxins are around us – coupled with some health and lifestyle tweaks – can help us to reduce our exposure and live a longer, healthier life.
Toxins are poisonous substances that come in many forms and can wreak havoc on our immune systems and lives.
They can be absorbed as we breathe, eat or even through our skin, so it is important that we are aware of the chemicals and toxins that we absorb into our bodies.
They can even come from less-expected places, such as the people around us.
Here, we look at how to get rid of them for a happier and healthier life.

1. Drink water regularly

Our bodies are incredible at removing toxins for us. Drinking water flushes unwanted substances from your body.
Make sure you're drinking at least two litres of water every day and, where possible, drink from a glass or glass water bottle, not a new plastic bottle each time.
Drinking water flushes unwanted substances from your body. (Image: Getty Images)

2. Eat healthy food

Eating a healthier diet can be a huge way to eliminate toxins from your life.
Cutting down on meat and ensuring that you wash your fruit and veg (and buy organic if you wish) will help significantly improve your health.
To decrease the cost of eating organic foods, try buying produce that is in season.
Eat your greens! (Image: Getty Images)

3. Alcohol

While it is okay to have the occasional drink, over-consuming alcohol means that your body is working overtime to eliminate all of the toxins that come with it.
While this is happening, your body might not be working at its best at eliminating other toxic build-ups in the body.
Try cutting down by one drink per week.
Try cutting down your alcohol intake by one drink per week. (Image: Getty Images)

4. Smoking

It's a well-known fact that smoking cigarettes is toxic and can lead to a whole range of medical conditions, including cancer and heart disease, and can even increase your risk of having a stroke.
With 2.5 million Australians smoking every day, now might be the time to kick that nicotine habit.
It's time to chuck the ciggies away. (Image: Getty Images)

5. Stop negative self-talk

We all get in the habit of being our own worst enemy.
Talking to and thinking about yourself negatively can build toxic thoughts in our minds that prevent us from reaching our full potential in life.
Try to identify negative thought patterns and speak to yourself kindly, the way you'd speak to a treasured friend.
Try not to succumb to those negative thoughts about yourself. (Image: Getty Images)

6. Laugh

Making sure you laugh every day is a great way to improve your mood almost instantly.
Make laughing and smiling a habit and you won't regret it.
You'll never regret a good giggle. (Image: Getty Images)

7. Recognise toxic people

Toxic people can be just as bad as the chemicals that surround us.
It's easy to be poisoned by other people's negative thinking, and they can cause mental, emotional or even physical distress.
If you can identify people like this in your life, it might be time to think about distancing yourself from them.
Ask yourself if the people that you surround yourself with reflect your aspirations, lifestyle and mindset.
Letting go of friendships that are no longer serving you is totally acceptable.
If they are on social media, go through Facebook, Instagram and other apps and remove or unfollow these people.
Toxic people can be just as bad as the chemicals that surround us. (Image: Getty Images)

8. Digital detox

Our obsession with social media can see us consuming far too much junk information and can lead us down negative thought patterns.
Try to get outside and avoid your devices to let your mind rest, especially in the hour or two before bedtime.
Put your phone and other devices away for an hour or two before going to bed. (Image: Getty Images)

9. Exercise

Regular exercise can help release positive endorphins and leave us feeling better than we did before we worked out.
It doesn't have to be as strenuous as heavy cardio activities like running – a 30-minute brisk walk outside in the fresh air can work wonders.
A bit of light exercise will lift your mood, even if it's just a walk. (Image: Getty Images)

10. Sort out your finances

Having money problems can cause huge amounts of stress on our lives.
When we're stressed, we are more likely to engage in toxic activities.
For peace of mind, taking a look at your financial situation is a good thing to do.
Paying off debts and becoming more financially stable through fixing your budget or picking up some extra work on the side will help you avoid a toxic lifestyle.
Take a look at your financial situation. (Image: Getty Images)

11. Household cleaning products

Everyday cleaning products that you buy on the shelves at the grocery store are often full of petrochemicals that are harmful to our health.
Cleaning with them can release toxic fumes that are dangerous to breathe in.
Finding natural alternatives, or even making your own cleaning products, is a healthier and more frugal way to avoid harmful cleaning products.
Cleaning products are often full of petrochemicals that are harmful to our health. (Image: Getty Images)

12. Plants

Potted indoor plants are a great natural way to purify the air in our homes.
It's also a beautiful way to bring nature indoors.
WATCH: 10 perfect plants for the bathroom. Post continues after video...

13. Mould

Thousands of people suffer from mould toxicity every year around the world.
If you notice mould building up anywhere in your home, make it a priority to get rid of it.
Using vinegar or tea tree oil are great natural ways to kill mould.
Get rid of any lurking mould in your home. (Image: Getty Images)

14. Ditch the plastic

Most of our kitchen cupboards have been filled with plastic containers and cups for years.
But recently, we are coming to realise that plastic is not only dangerous for the environment, it can cause serious health problems too.
Investing in glass containers for storage and buying food items in glass jars will help avoid building up more plastic.
Check that any plastic containers are safe for continued use, and when reheating food, use glass or regular dishware instead of cheap plastic containers.
Opt for glass over plastic when it comes to containers and cups. (Image: Getty Images)

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