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Worrying new Chinese social media trend

A new tiny waist challenge.

A4 waist challenge

An alarming new social media trend in China is seeing women and girls using a piece of A4 paper to show off how toned and tiny their midriff is according to DailyMail.

The trend has seen followers tucking paper down their pants or skirts and proving their waists are as small, or smaller, than the width of paper and posting pictures of themselves online.

A standard piece of A4 paper is just 21 centimetres wide, which is a US size triple 0.

Thousands of people have joined the chat on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, with some people joking and saying their waists measure up if only they hold the paper sideways.

Another person chimed in saying their waist was smaller at a startling A3.

The most commonly searched topic on Weibo is 'The Most Beautiful Firm Abs’ so the obsession for a perfect waist is worryingly real.

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