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Woolworths' best ever customer response

Love in the produce aisle sparks hilarious online chat.

When you think of Woolworths, romance may not be the first thing to spring to mind however in Mermaid Waters, QLD, something spicy is afoot.
Blake Nicholls and Brok Neilson were purchasing ingredients for a curry when Brok saw a vision of beauty buying mushrooms, and they snapped a quick photo of her from behind, reports Daily Mail.
In a bid to help his friend meet the girl of his dreams, Blake, 22, asked Woolworths to help Brok to locate the “girl of his dreams” sparking a hilarious communique on the Woolworths Facebook page.
“For years, you've brought people together with your sensational service, fantastic products with a catchy theme song that's kept me coming back, so now do what you do best and bring these two together,” wrote Blake as he played Cupid.
To which the supermarket giant’s social media team replied:
“whilst we're more interested in matching your dear friend Brok with the perfect chick-en and bay leaf to create the curry of his dreams, we still think you're a great wing-man!
"Next time tell Brok not to be chicken, just rice up and say hello! We hear love grows in the produce department”
Next time tell Brok not to be chicken, just rice up and say hello! We hear love grows in the produce department”
Not wanting to be left out of the act, Brok piped in to defend himself, and state his motives are pure.
“Thankyou Woolworths for your kind words and although I did chick-en out this time. I'll be making sure not to make a #meal of it the second time around.
“My intentions are completely honourable. Hopefully I can butter her up and curry her favour by keeping it fresh in the produce section.”
Mystery mushroom loving dream girl ©Facebook
The boys have declared that they will be waiting in the produce section every night at 7.38pm in case they can see the girl again.
In their excitement they forgot their multi-pack of toilet paper so they really had to go back at least the following day anyway.
“Hey Blake and Brok! You may not have found your dream girl tonight but you did leave your toilet paper behind. See you at 7.38 tomorrow night.”

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