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Woman finds kidney donor match through Tinder

Now that's a match!

So you can find your perfect match on Tinder!

Your perfect kidney transplant match, that is.

The Tampa Bay News is reporting the story of a woman, Jennifer Thomas, who went on a Tinder date with a man, Rich O’Dea, after both swiped right on the popular app.

They didn’t make it as boyfriend and girlfriend, but when Rich told Jennifer about one of his friends who needed a kidney transplant, Jennifer wondered whether she might be a match.

She went for the tests through the Tampa Bay Living Kidney Donor Program, and she was.

“I’m doing what I know is right,” Jennifer said. “If I wasn’t a match, then I would tell every person I meet about this.”

The surgery is set for next week.

As for the couple, they’ve decided to remain good friends.

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