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Why stepping on Lego is so painful

Such a tiny thing, such intense pain. Why, Lego? Why??

There are many different kinds of pain that the human body can endure, but one special kind of agony is a Lego block in the soft instep of your foot.
This seemingly innocuous children’s toy can fell the toughest person in the dead of night, and now with the help of the American Chemical Society Reactions series we have finally gotten to the bottom of exactly why that little plastic block causes such exquisite pain, reports Time.
There's the cool blend of the 200,000 sensory receptors on the sole of the foot combined with your entire weight on the contact point as you step onto the block, plus the chemical make-up of the ABS plastic the Lego is made from (which is what sparked the interest on the American Chemical Society). All this lends itself to sweet torture when a sleepy foot finds that brick on the way to the bathroom in the dark.
So, that’s one mystery revealed, the next is how to get the kids to put every single piece of Lego away after playing?

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