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When McDonald's cheeseburger order goes wrong

He gave his standard order, and received a sub-standard product. He was not McLoving it.

It was Alex Moran’s standard McDonald’s order – a plain cheeseburger – and usually he received precisely that.
Alex was left puzzled and unfulfilled when his order at his St John’s branch in Leeds, UK, yielded something entirely lacklustre in comparison.
The McDonald’s employee who served him took his 'plain cheeseburger' request very literally and gave him just melted cheese in a Maccie D’s bun.
Alex said of his burgerless burger:
“I couldn't believe it. The first thing I did was show one of my work friends who immediately started laughing.
“I didn't take it back because I didn't have enough time left on my lunch. I was a bit annoyed at first but saw the humour in it.
“So I just had to basically eat the McDonald's equivalent of a cheese toastie. I haven't complained about it as it's not worth it over a burger.”
Alex ate it with no joy however after his friend posted a picture to social media, a McDonald’s spokesman suggested it was merely a miscommunication.
“We apologise for this inconvenience and believe it happened following the wrong interpretation of what Mr Moran ordered.
"We would encourage him to get in touch with our customer care team, who is best placed to look into this."
Bummer, Alex. Maybe just ask for a regular cheeseburger in future to prevent further confusion?

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