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Hilarious new Twitter trend shows how hard it really is to fold women's clothes

If only they knew!

A new viral Twitter movement is helping to highlight one of the many difficult aspects of being a woman… folding your clothes! Whilst undies and fitted sheets are commonly acknowledged as laundry nuisances, many around the world don’t realise what a pain it is to fold lady’s laundry, especially when it comes to little straps, lacy bits and fancy draping.
Dozens of tweets and images have been posted from all around the world showing men attempting to fold women’s clothes. Naturally, to little success.
“Have you ever tried folding women's clothing? So many items are shaped in unidentifiable ways and fabrics so heavy #wtf,” wrote one confused user.
Whilst another wrote, “I don't help fold my wife's clothes because it's like trying to fold an octopus sometimes.”
“Marriage has taught me a lot of things, for instance, women's clothing is impossible to fold,” said one.
Check out our favourite tweets below!

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