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Is Viennetta on a stick coming to a store near you soon?

Yes please!

Anyone who's ever thrown a last-minute party (or had a Sunday night dinner with their parents) will know exactly how delicious a Viennetta cake is. The creamy classic, which has remained humbly unchanged since its initial release, has been the star of many a social gathering in Australia. Which is why Aussie fans of the Viennetta might find this news both exciting and distressing.
A few ice cream-fans around the world have unearthed images of a 'single serve' version of our favourite dessert—Viennetta on a stick.
See for yourself!

Unfortunately for us Aussies, Streets have "no plans" to bring this tasty and convenient treat to our shores. The above version was found in Sichuan, China, whilst the below was found in Malta:

Those who have been lucky enough to stumble across this rare and delicious ice cream report that it shares the same formula as the original and costs $2.95 AUD.
If you're like us and are outraged at Australia's exclusion from the Viennetta-on-a-stick circle, drop Unilever a note at their website.

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