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This LEGO hair bike helmet might be the best invention ever

A novelty twist that might actually save kid's lives.

Getting a bike helmet on a kid might be hard, but research shows that helmets reduce head injuries by up to 74 per cent in crashes with motor vehicles, so it’s a battle worth having.
According to the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety Queensland, children under the age of 10 years have limited peripheral vision and are poor judges of the speed of approaching vehicles – which is even more reason to make sure they are protected when playing on bikes and scooters.
But for generations helmets have had to fight the stigma of seeming uncool.
But what if a company came up with something kids actually wanted to wear? Perhaps fashioned something to protect them out of something they can’t get enough of; LEGO maybe?
Well, researchers in Stockholm and Copenhagen have thought exactly that and designed bike helmets that look like LEGO hair – a novelty twist that might actually save lives.
Simon Higby and Clara Prior of European advertising agency DDB have created a prototype as part of Higby’s MBA thesis and the pair enlisted the help of Danish design company MOEF.
While the helmet isn’t fully viable yet, hopefully in the future this style of safety gear and others like it, can help kids see the cool factor in protecting their bodies from devastating accidents.
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