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'Terminally Fabulous' blogger tragically passes away at 34

“Our hearts are shattered into a thousand pieces.”

By Kate Wagner
At just 34, the Terminally Fabulous blogger Lisa Magill, who shared the “good, the bad and the ugly” sides of her cancer battle, has passed away.
Lisa started the blog, which now has almost 60,000 Facebook followers, after her undifferentiated gastric sarcoma diagnosis had doctors telling her she had “weeks to live” at 30.
Her mother Geraldine announced the devastating news on Lisa’s Facebook page yesterday.
“Last night at 11.50 our gorgeous girl was wrapped in the wings of an angel and joined her friends and family in heaven. Lisa’s passing was so peaceful, slipping away in her sleep without pain nor fear, just as we'd all prayed for and more importantly just as Lisa had wanted it,” she wrote.
Geraldine told how her family and friends’ “hearts are shattered into a thousand pieces” after the loss of “the most generous souls to walk this earth”.
Lisa’s struggles were well-documented and her pain towards the end of the disease was agonizingly evident.
Her mother posted a day before her passing just how hard it was for Lisa – that “even in sleep her pain was excruciating and would not let her rest in peace.”
“Although Lisa was at times disorientated she asked her Dad and I a few times why she was still here and when would she pass.”
In an absolutely heartbreaking post on Friday, Geraldine revealed the impact of Lisa’s suffering.
“I always thought I'd hate this, as to me we would never have enough time, I just wanted her with us. How wrong I was. When you see your child suffer as Lisa is suffering you do something you never thought you'd have to do!
“You pray hard that God sends his angels to gently lead her to her place in heaven. You tell her that they are waiting for her so they can get the party started and you hope to God she's listening to you.”
Our deepest thoughts and condolences go to Lisa’s family and friends.