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Teen who allegedly cried rape could be jailed for 32 years

The 19-year-old ran into a church half-naked and said she’s been “gang-raped”.
Teen who cried rape could be jailed for 32 years

A young woman who ‘cried rape’ in what appears to be an elaborate hoax could be jailed for 32 years.

Breana Harmon, 19, from Texas, ran into a church half-naked, claiming she’d been gang-raped.

Horrifyingly for church-goers, she was covered in blood and wearing only a shirt, bra and underwear.

Harmon reportedly told them that three black men had kidnapped her and taken her into the woods to rape her.

However police soon discovered holes in her story.

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Police said physicians determined the girl had not suffered any injuries consistent with her claims.

Breana Harmon

Her car was discovered with a door open and her phone, keys and shoe scattered on the ground. But authorities couldn’t find further evidence to corroborate the story.

Officers said the crime scene was “staged” and Harmon’s injuries were “self-inflicted.”

She was arrested in March this year after allegedly admitting to fabricating a story regarding her kidnapping and rape by three black men.

The Herald Democrat reports a Grayson County grand jury indicted Harmon on four charges, including three felonies, related to false reports of kidnapping and sexual assault. The maximum sentence for this, should she be found guilty, is 32 years.

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