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Stu Laundy has just ruined The Bachlorette finale… And the entire nation is ticked off

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The Bachelorette Australia, 2017 ends in literally 48 hours, yet Stu Laundy couldn’t keep it together.

Sophie Monk’s clear front-runner [sorry Jarrod and Apollo, you boys did your best!] was rumoured to be hooking up with Sydney socialite Tiffany Tilley.

And now thanks to a photograph obtained by the Daily Mail Australia – which you can see here, now he’s gone on a VERY public lunch with someone that isn’t Sophie – the girl he’s supposed to be wooing.

We thought you loved SOPHIE?!

And we’re spewing.

For Sophie, for The Bachelorette, but mainly for ourselves.

Whether Stu Laundy places first, second or third on the Channel Ten reality show – he has to uphold his end of the bargain.

“Thou shall not ruin OUR guilty pleasure, thus keeping it in your pants until everything is wrapped up in a neat bow!

We mean, look at sweet James Trethewie.

His Instagram was a tribute of love for Sophie, right up until the moment she pricked his heart with the rose he never received.

Now Stu Laundy, millionaire pub owner, is no stranger to playing it coy.

Yes – it was Channel Ten’s worst kept secret that the publican would be entering the show.

From the moment he entered…

Stu and Soph had something special.

Yet the 44-year-old, in the name of good TV, kept a VERY low profile.

In fact, if you go back a few weeks, everyone wanted to know who Stu Laundy even was?

The only visuals we had of the man were a handful of grainy screengrabs from his outdated Facebook and that ONE time he appeared on the SBS show Filthy Rich and Homeless.

Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy

Everyone wanted to know who is Stu Laundy?

Casually hanging with Lil Jon.

Stu appeared on SBS’ Filthy Rich and Homeless earlier this year.

And now Mr Laundy goes and has lunch.

Not an innocent lunch, no sir.

You do not have a meal with a mystery woman when you’re in the Top 3 of The Bachelorette Australia and already have a reputation as being a Playboy… AND THEN GET SNAPPED AT SAID LUNCH.

Images of the lunch date come just one day after reports emerged Stu Laundy was dating the ex-wife of James Packer’s BFF Ben Tilley.

Let’s take a moment shall we.

Stu, owner of a billion pubs, that are legally required to serve food, decides to embark on public lunch at someone else’s joint.

The pair were seen in photographs obtained by the Daily Mail at Sydney restaurant, Catalina Rose Bay, looking pretty sheepish. In the snap, the mystery blonde shields her face.

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^ remember that time every Bachie boy made it to Stu’s pub… EXCEPT Stu!

While there had been no photographic evidence of Stu with Tiffany, many were quick to think this was them.

But Sophie Monk’s main squeeze kindly released a statement to appease all those who were concerned.

“I was having lunch for my best mate’s bday,” he told the Daily Mail, saying the images were from last month.

“Katie is the wife of my best friend Daniel Adamo.”

The statement continued, “Daniel and I have been best friends since we were 10 years old, we served at each other’s best men at our respective weddings and we are god parents to each other’s children. “

We truly wish this statement could appease us, that we could ride off into the Fijian sunset, say “Bula!” and pretend everything was coming up roses as we inch closer to the Bachelorette finale.

But then we remember those whispers About Tiffany Tilley.

We’re praying that it is all one EPIC decoy.

“It is all over the eastern suburbs,” an insider told The Daily Telegraph, of Stu’s rumoured romance with newly single businesswoman Tiffany.

“I even overheard a group of guys talking about it at [Double Bay bar] Pelicano the other night.”

In fact, the rumour has reportedly even managed to spread right back to Tiffany’s ex-husband Ben.

“Ben and his brother rang Stu to get to the bottom of what was going on. Apparently Stu denied any involvement with Tiffany,” a source claimed.

So who is this Tiffany Tilley, an epic thorn in our dream Sophie Monk love story?

In 1990, IMBD informs us that she starred on Perfect Match as a host… How Debbie Newsome of her!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Tiffany Baragwanath, a former Vogue executive, married Ben Tilley in June 1998 in Positano, Italy with James Packer’s “Arctic P moored nearby.”

She was married to her property developer beau for 19 years, before calling time on their marriage at the start of the year.

The Tilleys have two sons, Tom and Harvey.

The parents are now in the middle of selling their luxurious Point Piper mansion, which is next door to Malcolm Turnbull’s sprawling digs.

According to The Australian, Ben and Tiffany purchased the home in 2011 for a cool $13.6 million and are hoping to sell it for $25 million.

She’s got amazing gal pals, with one of her friends quickly defending her alleged romance with Stu.

“I called Tiffany when I heard about this and she is denying anything has happened,” the friend said toThe Daily Telegraph,.

“They don’t even really know each other.”

We’re already crossing our fingers for Stu’s brother Craig to include this in his weekly Bachie recaps! Check out his work below.

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So what does this all mean for Soph?

A) Stu and her are indeed together, he’s just up to his old tricks AND LOVE IS DEAD.

B) He simply enjoys going out to lunch and surrounding himself with accomplished women like Tiffany, thank you very much.

C) Stu doesn’t win and he’s just living his best life.

For her part, Sophie, 37, doesn’t seem too fussed.

When asked by photographers, “What do you say to rumours that Stu’s been seeing Tiffany Tilley?”

Confused, she quickly maintained her composure, remarking, “I don’t know Tiffany Tilley.”

The Bachelorette Finale begins tonight and our body launguage expert thinks she knows how it all plays out… And she hasn’t been wrong yet!

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