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Beauty blogger found dead in the shower

Rini Cesillia was found dead in her Bali hotel room and authorities are now investigating the popular blogger's bizarre death.

A popular Indonesian beauty blogger has been found dead in a Bali hotel room after she was allegedly electrocuted by a faulty shower.
Rini Cesillia – who has thousands of fans of social media – had gone from her home in Jakarta, Indonesia, to Bali for a luxury holiday and friends raised concerns on Tuesday after the 26-year-old failed to answer her phone.
According to the Daily Mail, the blogger’s friend, Maria Istella Bambang, 20, went into the hotel room to find water spilling out of the bathroom onto the bedroom floor.
Ms Cesillia was reportedly found naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor, still clasping the shower hose, with burn marks on her chest.
Authorities believe Rini may have been electrocuted and her body has been sent for an autopsy examination.
Fans have posted tributes online remembering the woman.

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