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Perth granny scares off burglar with samurai sword

He probably thought a white-haired little old lady was a safe target for a burglary – but he was wrong!

A 67-year-old “white-haired granny” from Perth’s northern suburbs has chased down a would-be burglar and retrieved her stolen belongings.
The woman – who is trained in Chinese martial arts – was sleeping when the man broke into her home around 11pm on Tuesday, reports Perth Now.
She awoke to the sound of him rummaging through her drawers, jumped out of bed, grabbed her Japanese sword and chased him out of the house.
“I’ve never seen someone so scared by an old, white-haired granny,” she said.
She then noticed her phone, laptop, tablet and keys were missing so dashed outside and confronted the thief again, as he tried to escape in her car, forcing him to return her belongings.
“I told him with some colourful language to get out of my car, but he ended up getting out of that car quick because I pulled him,” she said.
“He came back twice saying he was going to kill me. I chased him up the driveway and asked him, ‘Who do you think has the sword in their hand?’”

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