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Perth sex offender who lured two young kids from daycare and abused them is jailed for a decade

Vincenzo Mule promised the children, aged 4 and 5, ‘treats’ as he led them away from the playground – he was captured on CCTV doing so.
Perth child molester Vincenzo Mule

This is absolutely horrific. An ‘abhorrent’ child sex attacker lured two children, aged four and five, away from their childcare centre with the promise of treats and sexually abused them.

Vincenzo Mule, 54, pleaded guilty in January to three child sex charges and two charges of deprivation of liberty.

The appalling attacks took place in April last year with Mule luring the children from a fenced playground and offering them “treats”.

He was caught on CCTV doing so.

The children followed Mule to his parent’s home, where he gave them an icy pole and sexually assaulted them in a shed.

He then abandoned them in a park where they approached a woman who was having lunch and told her they had been taken by a man they did not know.

Source: 7 News

Judge Simon Stone dismissed Mule’s claim he didn’t remember what happened. He said Mule, who is a father of three, had faked amnesia after being caught and called the crime “reprehensible.”

Now the little boy and girl’s parents have to copy with his horrendous actions.

It was revealed in court documents that the children had to undergo what were describe as “painful” blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

Victim impact statements from their parents also revealed the little girl is receiving counselling while the little boy still suffers nightmares and fears strangers.

Mule was sentence to ten years but could be eligible for parole after eight.

The childcare centre was fined almost $37,000 for inadequate supervision breaches

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