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New evidence could get ‘intruder killer’ released

Ben Batterham is in jail, charged with murdering the intruder he found near his daughter’s bedroom but chilling new evidence could see him released.

A top criminal lawyer has vowed to get Batterham “urgently” released on bail after it emerged that he was covered in bite marks after his struggle with Richard James Slater on March 26.
Winston Terracini SC has taken over BAtterham’s case and will make a bail application “as urgently as possible,” the Newcastle Herald reports.
Terracini reportedly believe the bite marks, as well as other injuries sustained by Batterham in the scuffle could ensure Batterham is released on bail in the next few days.
Batterham attacked Slater, a convicted sex offender, when he found him standing near his young daughter’s bedroom at 3.30am.
Slater later died because his brain was starved of oxygen as Batterham held him “in a choke hold” while he waited for police to arrive.
Batterham has been imprisoned at Cessnock Correctional Centre since he was charged with Slater’s murder on March 27.
His arrest caused widespread outrage, with many claiming he was simply defending his home and his family.
The case will be heard at Newcastle Court on May 25.

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