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“Disgusted and appalled”: Mum’s outrage over insect in son’s McDonald’s meal

Would you like a side of McMaggots with that?

The last thing you’d expect to find when biting into a handful of hot fries is a deep-fried insect.

In news that will repulse even those with most iron of stomachs, this is exactly what mum-of-three, Charlotte Clements, experienced when visiting a McDonald’s restaurant in Wales with her family last weekend.

Halfway through their meals, her 12-year-old son, Jarred, noticed something wriggling in his food – and, shockingly, it was a mealworm.

“We were halfway through eating and my son spotted something in his chips,” she says.

“I’m just so angry. I still haven’t been able to eat anything. Every time I look at food I feel so sick it’s really turned me.”

While Clements returned the fry to the restaurant and got a refund, she couldn’t shake off the pure revulsion she was feeling.

So, she did what any disgruntled person with access to wifi would do: the 33-year-old took to Facebook to vent her anger.

“Absolutely tamping [sic], disgusted and appalled. I took the kids to McDonald’s in Nantgarw and this is what was inside Jarred’s chip!” she wrote.

“To say I’m absolutely disgusted is an understatement! Beyond belief!”

McDonald’s have since issued Clements and her family a public apology, reassuring her family – and McDonald’s lovers worldwide – that the French fry will be sent away for testing.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has been picked up on its lack of food hygiene. In March, Queensland postal worker Joshua Camilleri took his third bite into a

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