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Melbourne mother who drove children into lake denied bail

I need help so that I go back home ... everything that you will tell me to do I will do.

A mother of seven drove four of her youngest children into a lake and did nothing to save them, according to documents filed in a Melbourne court.

The Age reports on the distressing story of the Sudanese mother, who is charged with three counts of murder.

Her twins, Hanger and Madit, both aged four, drowned in the lake, as did her son, Bol, who was 16 months.

The fourth child, Aluel, who was six at the time, survived her ordeal.

Akon Guode, who migrated to Australia with three older children, is alleged to have “stood beside her car” as it sank into the water and “screamed, but did not seem panicked.”

Witnesses have told police they saw Akon drive around the lake several times before finally driving into Lake Gladman in Wyndham Vale, near Werribee, last April.

Akon Guode.

The Age says Mrs Guode’s husband was having an affair.

She appeared in court in an effort to gain bail but it was refused.

“According to the summary, police believe Ms Guode drove five laps of the lake in the hours before the tragedy,” the report says.

“One witness told investigators it appeared as if the car was deliberately driven into the lake, and that Ms Guode had her head out the window as the car went into the water.

“Ms Guode is alleged to have told a policewoman that the father of the four children in the car had left her for another woman.”

Ms Guode pleaded with the magistrate to give her bail.

“I want to talk to you because I am feeling emotional,” Ms Guode said through an interpreter when asked if she had any questions about the hearing.

“I need help so that I go back home … everything that you will tell me to do I will do.

“I am not a flight risk. I will go and stay in my house if you let me out.”

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