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Mercedes Corby opens up about how Schapelle is coping back in Australia

She also addresses those Bachelorette rumours.

By Kate Wagner
Mercedes Corby appeared on Kyle and Jackie O’s morning show to explain how a “very private” Schapelle was coping back in Australia.
Mercedes said that, for now, the family is “just letting her relax” but she’s doing “really well” and they’re all understandably stoked that she’s home.
“Yes, I'm very happy ... We had a little moment in the car, but it’s yet to fully hit,” she told the KIIS FM hosts.
In terms of the much talked about tell-all interview, Mercedes said whether or not she will do one is up in the air.
“That’s up to her,” Mercedes said.
“It’s just too early for her to make any decisions. I know she does want to thank all of her supporters.”
Although, she added that her sister’s “very private, that’s why I’ve had to talk”.
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With Schapelle so expertly avoiding the hounding packs of press since her return, Kyle requested a “proof of life” from the convicted drug smuggler, to which Schapelle whispered a meek “hello” before returning the phone to her sister.
Mercedes also denied the “rumours” – which could be better qualified as glib comments on social media – that Schapelle would be the next Bachelorette.
“It's er... no, that's not going to happen!” she replied, before asking: “That's the one where they give out the roses, isn't it?”
Oh, bless. It’s almost like they had more important things going on than keeping up with Blake Harvey and Sam Frost over in Bali.
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She also confirmed that Schapelle is still dating boyfriend Ben Panangian, but she isn’t “really sure what’s going to happen” with the pair.
Due to their criminal histories, the pair would struggle to be in the same country as it’s unknown when Schapelle can return to Indonesia and Ben cannot enter Australia.
Mercedes also said that Schapelle had “'worked out social media pretty quickly” – besides that hashtagoiloncanvas blunder – and said she was “passionate” about using her new cult status on Instagram to draw attention to missing people.
She said putting William Tyrell’s face on her handbag was all Schapelle’s idea.

“All these cameras, she wants something that she cares about, she’s compassionate. Why not use this for something that she thinks should have more coverage?
“She really liked the Daniel's Law, that's something that she's always following.”
“I'm really proud of her,” Mercedes gushed.
Schapelle also recently uploaded a photo of Hayley Dodd - a girl that went missing when she was just 17 in 1999.

And in relation to the throngs of media surrounding the house?
“Please go home,” Mercedes said.
“It’s annoying our children, give us some privacy. She’s not going to talk to you.”
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