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Is this the end of the McNugget?

Some parents might be happy to know what McDonalds are planning next.

This may be the end of McNuggets as we know it – but it could be a good thing.

McDonalds in the US are testing out a preservative-free version of the highly processed food product in a bid to make it more healthy.

This may be great news for parents who want healthier alternatives for their children.

The fast food chain began testing the new recipe last month in 140 different stores in the states of Oregon and Washington.

This change comes as there has been a marked loss in customers over the past few years, and the company wants to improve perceptions of the quality of their products.

While McDonalds hasn’t revealed what’s different about the new McNuggets recipe, they said it’s “simpler” and that “parents can feel good” about it.

Sure, they may be trying to make one product a bit healthier, but they’re also looking into launching all-you-can-eat fries, so a bit of consistency would be nice.

They’re currently getting feedback from customers about the new-tasting nuggets, with the official national launch-date unknown at this time.

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