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BREAKING: Man who stabbed pregnant girlfriend to death sentenced to 22 years in jail

Joshua Homann will face at least 22 years and six months in prison.

40 year-old Joshua Homann, who stabbed his pregnant girlfriend 49 times at their home in Mount Druitt in September 2015, has been found guilty and sentenced to at least 22 years and six months in behind bars.
Kirralee Paepaerei, who was a mother-of-three and was pregnant during the attack, died from stab wounds to her neck and chest and blunt-force trauma from a metal rod, according to ABC News.
Justice Lucy McCallum told that court that while all murders are violent, this case "involved an extreme frenzy of violence".
She said Homann had an intent to kill and his psychosis did not diminish his culpability.
Mr Homann did not deny that he killed his partner but explained that it was due to mental illness he was suffering at the time.
Kirralee Paepaerei in April, 2015 Image credit: Facebook
The courts were told that at the time of the attack, two teenage relatives of the deceased were in the home. They heard the noises from the assault and called triple zero.
The allegedly heard Homann yelling, "shut the fing door" and "you fing, fing cts" before the attack.
Kirralee Paepaerei, was found by paramedics after Homann fled the couple's home, but they were unable to revive her.