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Magda Szubanski owns the argument for marriage equality in one analogy

Using the AFL no less. Take a bow, Magda!
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Marriage equality campaigner, comedienne and all-round legend, Magda Szubanski, has appeared on Q&A and honestly, with her hard facts and quick wit, we’re starting to think she should run for prime minister.

Magda appeared on the panel to debate whether or not gay people should be given the right to marry alongside host Tony Jones, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies, Jesuit priest and law professor Frank Brennan and No campaign spokesman Karina Okotel.

No campaigner Okotel remarked: “You can’t change an institution that has always existed without there being consequences.”

But Szubanski’s AFL retort was perfect.

She said it was like a gay AFL player winning the Brownlow Medal but instead being given “the civil acknowledgment of your very excellent effort” award.

Magda has been tirelessly campaigning for the past few months as Australia casts its postal votes.

She also spoke to Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly on The Project a few weeks ago to explain that same-sex marriage is about more than just “abstract issues like equality.”

“It is not just about matters of abstract issues like equality… you are not equally protected if you have a de facto relationship compared to a marriage. It is not just about love. It is about illness and death,” she said.

“A friend of mine… her long-term partner had cancer. She wanted to be in the room with her when she was having a painful treatment and the doctor said, ‘next of kin only. Parents, siblings. No spouses.'”

She added: “She wasn’t allowed in and she had to stand outside and listen to the screams of the woman she loved unable to even comfort her. Now, in whose universe is that fair? What God thinks that is right? I don’t understand it.”

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Szubanski, who publicly came out as gay in 2012, also appealed to young people to “shape the country, make it a fair, wonderful place.”

“Young people are really passionate about ideals. They really care. But they think they feel disillusioned because we see so much of politics is people winning points and trying to stay in power and then when they get in power not really doing things that they really believe in or that really matter,” she said.

“In these dark times and moments of despair, that is when you do not give up the fight. That is when you enrol. That is when you do everything that you can to make the world the fairest place you can.”

“I guarantee you, even if you are not LGBTQI, your brother, your sister, your grandchildren or one of your nieces or nephews will be and you are deciding now what sort of a world we will create for them.”

Magda previously spoke to The Weekly about laying herself bare.

“To have emerged from behind the mask and still feel that affection and acceptance has actually been really moving,” she said.

“I am who I’m meant to be. I felt for a long time that I was an impersonation of myself, not quite me.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will release results of the survey on November 15.

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