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NRL star’s wife reveals she had abortion so she didn't have to suffer trauma of another miscarriage

Darius Boyd's wife Kayla tragically lost 2 babies last year.

In an extremely candid interview, Brisbane Broncos star Darius Boyd’s wife Kayla Boyd has revealed she lost two babies last year.
Speaking to The Courier Mail, Kayla tragically revealed she suffered a miscarriage in April last year as she went through a difficult personal time.
The traumatic experience led Kayla to make the incredibly difficult decision of having an abortion, as she feared having another miscarriage.
She told The Courier Mail: “I felt like that’s what I had to do. The first time (I was pregnant) I didn’t feel lost, I didn’t feel scared or confused and I really felt that way this time.”
“After talking to Darius about it and with everything we had going on that year…our life was so full on and crazy and it would have affected our marriage; it would have been very stressful and hard.”
The 29-year-old, whose daughter Willow turned 1 in September, lost her grandmother when she had the miscarriage back in April. She felt it would be too traumatic to risk losing another baby.
On whether she was concerned about public reaction, she said: “Every time I write something I do think and I worry about how it’s going to be received… but I think surely nothing can be as bad as what I’ve already had to deal with. If anyone wants to have a negative opinion, that’s their opinion and we are all entitled to them.”
Having a miscarriage can be extremely emotionally scarring so we applaud Kayla for speaking out about her experience.
The Courier Mail reports she and Darius still hope to have three children.

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