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It's noice, different and unusual: Kath & Kims' final hurrah!

The foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes returned to Australian screens for one final time, across a two part 20th anniversary special.

By Elizabeth Gracie
The Kath & Kim two-part, 20th anniversary special promised to take ''a look deep inside the nooks and unexplored crannies'' of the show, with ''rarely seen'' and brand-new footage.
But did it deliver?
With nostalgia at an all-time high, the foxy morons of Fountain Lakes attracted 786,00 viewers for the first part of the special, 'Our Effluent Life' and 774,000 for the second part, '20 Preposterous Years'.
For many fans who have been eagerly anticipating a sticky date with Australia's most beloved horn bags since the special was first announced mid-2022, they were left disappointed.
Why you ask?
Well, after being promised ''freshly minted scenes'', the special only included 10 minutes of new footage. On top of that, most of the ''never seen footage'', was bloopers, old clips and DVD extra material.
Despite getting the nation's knickers in a twist however, the show did deliver the perfect goodbye.
In the wise words of Kim, ''it's ovah, O-V-A-H!''.

So what are Kath, Kim and the gang up to now?

Look at MOIIIII! IMAGE: Instagram
Unfortunately, ''Chateau Kath'' was demolished in real life earlier this year, so the new footage was filmed in front of a green screen.
Kim (Gina Riley) to no surprise is still mooching off mum at home, whilst Kath (Jane Turner) is getting ready to sell the house, move into a warehouse and start her career as an artist. By artist, we mean painting her hunk-a-spunk hubby Kel (Glenn Robbins) in the nude.
Trude and Prue are then mentioned as the buyers of the property, as Kath shares their plans to knock the property down in a very meta turn of events.
Despite being on the brink of homelessness, Kim has a plan that is every bit as Kim as can be.
Boasting about how she plans to ''catfish'' someone out of their life savings, Kim gets to work. And soon, she has a victim hook line and sinker….and it's SHARON!
WATCH NOW: Kath and Kim perform Lady Bump at the 2004 Logies. Article continues after video.
Poor Sharon (Magda Szubanski) gets ''catfished, gaslit and ghosted,'' making Kim and Brett (Peter Rowsthorn) ''stanky rich'' in the process. They end up buying Kath's home to keep it in the family, leaving poor Sharon broke, and still rather unlucky in love.
In a positive for Sharon though, she is now the captain of her netball team. But in true Sharon fashion, she is facing a new ailment, this time a mask rash that has gone septic. Poor darl.
And in a special guest appearance, Kylie Minogue (who played grown up Epponnee Rae Craig) joins on screen mum and grandmum on the backyard swing, dishing the dirt on where Epponnee is today (spoiler: she's moved to a two bedroom unit).
WATCH NOW: Prue and Trude at the 2012 Logie Awards. Article continues after video.

What old footage did we get to see?

The special featured heartfelt footage of the late cricketing great Shane Warne.
Perhaps the most delightful part of the special was footage of the late Shane Warne, who played Sharon's beau Wayne the Shane impersonator.
Archived footage showed the cricketing great demonstrating tricks like ''the flipper'' before giving the fool-hardy cast some tips on their own techniques.
In the footage, Gina Riley shares with Warnie how special it was for him to join them onset.
''This is a dream come true,'' Gina says, looking at Warne.
''For you, I mean, getting to sit with us two foxy ladies.''
Daughter, Brooke, took to her TikTok, writing that it was a ''beautiful tribute'' to her dad.''It was so nice to hear him laughing and all of you laughing with him, thankyou''.
These foxxy ladies are as hot (and horny) as ever! IMAGE: Instagram
A montage of various appearances on tv shows throughout the years was also revived, as audiences were treated to interview footage with the likes of Bert Newton, Rove McManus and more.
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was also on hand to offer commentary alongside Professor Michelle Arror, comedian Celia Pacquola, drag queen Art Simone, reality TV star Angie Kent and a number of other well known Australians.
And so, as we farewell this noice, different and downright unusual bunch for the final time we invite you to toast to our favourite hornbags with a glass of Tia Maria or Cardonnay in hand.
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