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Kate Ritchie and radio co-stars in hot water over controversial radio segment

The Nova hosts have come under fire for poking fun at a baby.

Radio station NOVA have been forced to apologise on-air after their afternoon radio team made comments about a baby that was born with an adult-sized tongue.
Hosts Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold featured a segment on their show entitled “What have you got that’s big?” in reference to a recent news story about Paisley Morrison-Johnson, from South Dakota
Paisley was in the news earlier this month on account of her struggle with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome - a rare condition which left her with a large tongue.
During the segment, the words “comedy act” were used in relation to Paisley, who has undergone two rounds of tongue reduction surgery to allow her to eat, swallow and smile properly.
WATCH: Kate jokes about with her co-stars. Post continues after the video...

A Facebook user was quick to vent her frustration following the segment, writing: “I am appalled at you Kate Ritchie as someone I have followed since my childhood, who is also a mother, that you could make such disgraceful comments about our babies [sic]."
"'A comedy act', you say. HOW DARE YOU!!!."
She has since received a reply from the Head of Programs at Nova, conveying the station’s sincere apologies and stating that the team “acknowledge that the comments were ill-considered.”
The podcast of the show has now been deleted.
While plenty have taken to social media to vent their frustration about the segment, many others have pointed out that the comments were totally out of character for the hosts, particularly for Kate.
The host is a doting mother to two year-old Mae, and often uploads proud photos of the toddler.

One social media user commented: “It is quite possible that they meant no offence. If it was a serious news broadcast, then get offended, but comedy is often politically incorrect, so lighten up a little and know that your baby is precious, no matter what anyone (esp comedians) say.”
Kate has yet to comment on the controversy.
WATCH: Kate Ritchie introduces baby Mae

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