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Police find nine dismembered bodies hidden in eskies around 27-year-old’s apartment

Neighbours had noticed "odd" smells coming from the apartment, which reportedly had two severed heads at the front door.
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Japan is famous for having one of the lowest homicide rates in the world and, according to police reports, 98 per cent of homicide cases are solved – that’s a pretty good reason to steer clear of the whole killing thing.

However, Japanese police have just arrested a 27-year-old male after uncovering nine dead bodies in his apartment.

While some body parts were concealed in eskies under kitty litter, there was reportedly two severed heads sitting next to the front door.

Police found the bodies while investigating Takahiro Shiraishi’s in relation to the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman who went missing on October 21st.

The victim’s brother reported her missing on the 24th of October after not hearing for her for a few days and saw the two had been speaking on Twitter.

The two allegedly met on a site for people with suicidal feelings – the young woman posting that she was “looking for someone to commit suicide with”.

Body parts belonging to eight others were found strewn around the house, seven of which were women. A saw, which police believe was used to dismember the bodies, was found in Shiraishi’s room.

Speaking to police, Shiraishi allegedly said: “It’s true that I tried to hide the bodies of the people I killed to destroy evidence.”

Neighbours told Japan Times they had noticed “odd smells” coming from the apartment since August.

“I thought it smelled like sewage,” one neighbour said. “It was something I never smelled before.”

Police have begun DNA testing the remains to identify the other eight victims.

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