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Ivanka Trump served up peculiar-looking treats at daughter Arabella’s 6th birthday

Apparently they’re a Filipino tradition but we reckon we're better off sticking with fairy bread.
Ivanka Trump served up weird treats at Arabella’s birthday

People get riled up at Ivanka Trump for all sorts of reasons, but the latest action that has set tongues wagging is certainly a weird one.

Ivanka’s daughter, Arabella Kushner, turned 6 earlier this week.

And it seems she had a pretty standard birthday party, considering she’s the granddaughter of US President Donald Trump and all.

A pretty pink balloon, pretzels and Paw Patrol paper cups. So far, so normal – right?

Then Ivanka posted the treats that were being served up at Arabella’s birthday shindig.

Skewered hotdogs and marshmallows.

The culinary delight(?) was accompanied by the caption: “Keeping it healthy” and a winky-face emoticon.

People were quick to roast Ivanka for the seemingly strange snack.

But turns out it’s actually a Filipino tradition found at children’s birthday parties. And c’mon, it’s not like fairy bread isn’t (unnecessarily) confusing to the rest of the world.

What IS confusing, however, is that neither Ivanka or her hubby Jared Kushner appear to have any Filipino ties. Maybe they just like stealing other country’s traditions?

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